The initial product development begins with one major problem in mind, and as the development progresses, many new features join the gang. Scaling the single autonomous unit becomes difficult as every new inclusion adds to the complexity of development. It is because of writing more number of lines of code to include the functionality. However small the change may be, its inclusion may affect the flow of the web application development. Thus posing a great difficulty for the developers, and there is considerable resource wasting experienced, not to mention the time lag.

So in simple terms, it’s like how you want to expand your store when the business is running well, but you are out of extra space. You either need to extend the existing storage space or go for ergonomic space design or exif available.

To overcome situations in development, many enterprises are going for microservice architecture. This architecture allows the developers to build the application by splitting it up into smaller blocks. Developing these blocks can be done individually using different programming technologies. Thus it encourages the agile and agnostic development process. A correctly channeled team of developers can finish the entire task in comparatively less time as the whole process is split into smaller fragments and getting completed side-by-side.

Let’s see how the Nodejs web application development environment is making an essential part of microservice architecture. nodejs is a run time environment based on the V8 javascript engine of Chrome. It is the go-to technology for both startups and enterprises because it helps in the speedy development process. Many leading companies have adopted nodejs microservice, and with the upcoming nodejs latest version update, it is sure to set another milestone.

Examples of enterprises undertaking Microservices with Node.js:

  • GoDaddy – was able to host their customer website using 10x fever resources. Time To First Byte (TTFB) reduced from ~60ms to approximately ~12ms.
  • Paypal – modularized stack, and the cross-functional team was able to propel the new feature at a rapid rate.
  • Netflix – Built a high-performance microservice-based system for serving video service. The start time of the application was lessened by 70%. Common JavaScript application is being used for front end and back end.

Advantages of nodejs microservice:

  • Lets you to build, operate and manage services independently
  • Plenty of modules available for immediate use
  • Reduces much infrastructure thus teams can iterate quickly
  • Non-blocking, event-driven input/output model for high-performance real-time web app development.
  • Clarity among developers as they are allowed to work on individual pieces of web application development. If it fails to work during production, it can be easily isolated and reconfigured
  • Offers efficient resource utilization and cost optimization
  • It can execute their functionalities, and at the same time, capture data in their databases.
  • Offer language and platform freedom for developers, i.e., multiple languages can be followed by developers working for the same project.


Although Microservices is a very striking architecture, it is not for all applications. Get to know if it suits your requirements from the tech experts. Being the most sought out nodejs development company in the USA, Tops Infosolutions, our solutions can help you get into action soon. You also get to hire your team from the best web application development company in the USA. To touch base with our consultants, dial:+1 408-400-3737


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