Full-stack development on
steroids: Vue.js + Laravel


Efficient server-side rendering is an essential component that constitutes a full-stack app. Vue.js, being a view-only JS framework, needs a Node.js environment to transpile JavaScript. Nonetheless, things are about to change with Vue.js 2.5, which brings server-side rendering support for PHP, Python and Ruby and Laravel 5.3, which supports single file Vue components out of the box. A sample Example.vue component is included in the resources/assets/js/components directory of Laravel 5.3. Indeed, web application development with Vue.js as frontend and Laravel (or PHP) as backend is about to take off.

Deliver a seamless web experience with Vue at the frontend

To many, Vue.js is the dark horse among JS frameworks led by React and Angular. Vue.js is a view-only framework. Its rise to fame is its ability to integrate with other platforms and existing application seamlessly.

Develop Friendly

Vue application are smaller in size and the framework possess a simple structure

Simple Integration

Because it is based on JavaScript, it can be integrated into other JS applications and frameworks.

Reactive components

Vue lets you trigger UI changes that are seamless and gives your users an amazing user experience


Vue developers can write template in HTML, JavaScript, and vanilla JavaScript using virtual nodes

Single Page Application

Vue lets you build apps that get loaded once and requests data as the user engages with it.

Two-way communication

Because of its MVVM architecture, Vue.js makes it quite easy to handle HTML blocks

Build complex web application in minimum code with Laravel

Blame it on robust features, simple and secure authentication mechanism, elegant syntax pattern, well-thought homestead, or affordable price, Laravel is the go-to PHP framework for developing custom solutions for businesses and enterprises.


Laravel lets developers control the way the things are structured and they can customize pre-designed packages to meet specific business needs


Laravel gives an easy way to organize authorization logic, implement authentication and control access to all resources.


Laravel allows creating a local or cloud-based mailing service and sending notifications through various delivery channels including Slack and SMS


MVC framework exposes developers to various in-built functions, which allow them to create complex, large applications.

Development cycle

Owing to a considerable set of helpers and libraries that Laravel comes with, developers won’t need to spend elongated time around cycles.


Laravel’s flexibility allows it to adapt to changes and shift in the consumer’s demands. Expanding applications with new features is easier.

Laravel is the PHP framework of choice behind many of our apps

Build an Excellent event-driven app web application with Laravel + Vue.js

Vue lets you develop full-scale, event driven applications, including single page applications (SPAs) and progressive web apps (PWAs) and provides you with composable components.
When these components work in liaison with a Laravel backend, the user requested data will make fewer trips to request data from your Laravel application and bring UI changes by exchanging components without reloading the page, making way for excellent single page applications (SPAs).

Our expertise in Vue and Laravel development

  • Meet all your demands related to PHP Laravel Framework Application Development
  • Expertise and experience in every aspect of in MVC (Model View Controller) framework
  • Work in shared hosting account, numerous configuration and PHP4 and PHP5 editions
  • Vast knowledge of web development methodology using web and JS frameworks
  • Cost-effective and unparalleled Laravel web application development services
  • Proficiency in unit testing and click-through testing using Laravel
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