Build highly reusable
UI components with React

React makes it easier to create interactive UIs. As the ‘View’ in the model view controller, React lets our
web developers design simple view for each state in an app and efficiently update and render just the
right component when the date changes. Predictable, easier to debug code has madeReact the perfect JS
library to build UI components at TOPS.

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React has the potential to rule all other JS frameworks, including Angular

Although referred by many as one of the JavaScript frameworks, React is just a JavaScript library that allows developers to build reusable UI components. It works in the frontend and is being considered by many Fortune 500 tech firms. At TOPS, we leverage on these advantages of React.

Reusable Components

React components have their own logic, control its own rendering, and are reusable if the need arises

Virtual DOM

In React, view changes are first performed on the virtual DOM, not on your screen

One-way Data Flow

React uses one-way data flow, so only changes to the data result in changes to the UI.

Large Ecosystem

React isn’t about itself but the fast ecosystem that creates the most soughtful JS library

React Components let you split the UI into independent, reusable pieces

Build the ultimate app experience with React and wide array of component libraries, which you can combine and turn your components into building blocks which be organized and synced in multiple projects.

React Material-UI

A set of React components to build application in material design popularized by Google


A React component library to give your application look and feel of Twitter’s Bootstrap

React Toolbox

A set of React components to implement material design and built on CSS, Webpack and ES6

React Belle

A set of React components to build application that work on mobile, desktop, and other screens

React Virtualized

React components under React Virtualized makes rendering of large lists and tabular data efficient

React Grommet

A rich selection of cross-browser compatible components grouped by usage classifications

React + Redux is the recipe to great single page applications (SPAs)

While React can be used as a base in the development of single page or mobile applications, complex React applications require the use of additional libraries such as Reduxfor state management, React Router for routing, etc. Our team of React developers are up for any of those.


Redux is the state manager that acts as the global storage for application and facilitates intercommunication between React components.

React Router

Whether you want to have bookmarkable URLs for your web app or a composable way to navigate in React Native, React Router works wherever React is


Axios is an async library to read asynchronous code that lets React to interact with APIs. It’s easy to integrate Axios with React

React Native

React Native is a JavaScript framework based on React.js for coding real, natively rendering mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Develop mobile apps with React Native

Server-side rendering your React app to output HTML content

React needs Server-side rendering to deliver an HTML response when a user or crawler hits a page URL. We handle those requests on the client side and render the React components on the server.

Crawling JavaScript

Google crawlers can’t yet render JavaScript. That is the crawler will return a blank page on rendering a block of JavaScript code. To make React pages understandable to Google Crawlers, we need server-side rendering for React.

Search Engine Optimization

With server-side rendering, React will render JavaScript pages with same consistency they do HTML and XML pages. Better SEO will ensure your web application is more discoverable by search engine and return a better value.

Performance Improvement

In Server-side rendering, React performance depends on the server’s configuration, resources and the network speed. Improvement in these server parameters willimprove First User Interaction to a more desirable level.

Build Full-Stack Application with React and Powerful Backend

React is a great JS library for creating interactive user interfaces that needs a backend to make way for a complete stack. Fortunately, React supports a number of backend technologies; some of them we recommend

TOPS is a renowned name when it comes to application development in React.js

React is quite an accomplished JavaScript library to build both small and complex application. TOPS has the required expertise and human resources to build your application from scratch.

Interactive UI development

At TOPS, we are at the forefront of ReactJS development services to developprogressive webpages and mobile apps with extraordinary UIs.

Portal Development

Hire our TOPS developers to avail React services in web portal development that is enhanced for frequent programming throughput.

React Migration services

Expert React developers at TOPS can migrate your web applications to React framework without carrying much risks

Enterprise development

Our develop enterprise applications on React to helps you build robust, flexible, secure web applications.

AJAX Development

TOPS’ React developers can build anassortment of AJAX applications from desktop solutions to complex Ajax development.

Template Creation

With the state of web and mobile app, we design the best responsive email template to get you up and running ASAP.

Create the ultimate React app with AWS serverless framework
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