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In recent times, Node js development is the most sought after and widely popular with the developers everywhere. It is because Node.js is simple to use, create APIs, and develop a new inter-operational pattern. Let’s throw some light on why web companies most prefer this platform for developing web applications.

About Node.JS

Here are some crisp points on the significance of Node.js that you need to know.

  • An open-source, cross-platform server environment
  • Node.js is free and has support from an extensive community of developers
  • Asynchronous programming and event-driven API on the server
  • It runs on platforms like Windows, Mac OS, UNIX, Linux, and others
  • Executes JavaScript on the server-side and no need of switching to various languages

Full-stack development with JavaScript

JavaScript is the simplest and the most popular way to develop apps in the browser. When you are ready to develop an entire website with JavaScript, Node.js lets you use JavaScript in the back-end too. Writing codes in JavaScript makes debugging way more manageable due to the dynamic nature of JavaScript. This technology is that simple, easy, and performance is far better when compared to other technologies. The communication between the browser and server is seamless when written in JavaScript. So, in Node js development, only the two major parts that matters are JavaScript and other Database stacks that you use.

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The V8 engine provides a runtime environment. Here is where the JavaScript executes in the front-end, and Node.js operates on the back-end. The browser provides the DOM, and other web platform APIs that help it to run faster, and Node.js eliminates the errors in both front-end and back-end.

Function of NPM

Node Package Manager provides different kinds of packages to Node, and it is a dependable package management system. The excess work of including packages during development is eliminated. The Node Package Manager also facilitates JavaScript developers to share and reuse the code between developers easily.

Crucial Aspects of JSON

JavaScript Notation format helps in developing APIs and Mobile Applications as it offers robust data exchange format. Since it is a salient element of JavaScript, it allows the developers to build APIs quickly. It provides the ease to pulls data from Database, and Developers can use it dynamically.

Asynchronous Server-end Functionality

Both JavaScript and Node.js aid asynchronous programming, which ensures uninterrupted execution. It is made possible because any error found in one block of code does not affect another block of code. They are independent of each other, and so the execution does not come to a standstill. This improves the speed, efficiency, and performance of the entire program.

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