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Hire Node.js developer to build high-performance, scalable, real-time applications on a powerful back-end driven by the same JavaScript runtime engine that powers Google Chrome, V8.

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Highly Scalable

Node.js can acknowledge more than one request at a time and thus applications build with node.js as backend tend to be more scalable.

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High Performance

Since the operations are non-blocking, Node.js can perform non-synchronous operation. As a result, Node.js apps perform better.

Node js development services


As Node.js doesn’t wait for an operation to complete before proceeding to the next request, it carries out requests in near real-time.

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Chrome’s JavaScript runtime engine V8 runs on any mobile and desktop platform. Therefore, the apps build in JavaScript works on all your devices.

Consistent Codebase

If the frontend is built in web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript and the backend is node.js, the resulting app will have a consistent code in JS.

Large Ecosystem

Node.js has a large ecosystem that lets you build web as well as mobile applications. Also NPM is the largest package manager around.

Node.js is the Force Behind Many Prominent Apps

Since the introduction of Node.js, many leading companies are rewriting backend of their existing applications in JavaScript. Some of the leading applications are

Migrate Your App to the MEAN Stack

Hire Dedicated Node.js Developers & Take an Innovative Leap with our Node.js Development Services

TOPS’ is a leading Node.js development company providing excellent development services, which include mobile and web development. We closely work with your business requirements to deliver high-performance apps.

I/O Bound Applications

One of the biggest plus factors of Node.js is it’s asynchronous and non-blocking by default, which means it can concurrently tackle many disk and network operations.

Data Streaming Applications

Node.js apps can process files at the time of uploading, which reduces the total processing interval when data arrives in the form of streams.

Data Intensive Real-time
(DIRT) Applications

Node.js can process hundreds of request at the same time on a single thread. Therefore, business prefers the runtime environment for DIRT apps.

JSON APIs based Applications

Do you like to tailor your JSON responses and JSON API to be your anti-bike shedding tool? Node.js lets you format your JSON response to your needs.

Single Page Applications

Node.js at the back lets you build web applications that look and feel like native applications, which make way for progressive web apps (PWA)

Development & Integration

Node.js along with Express.js can help you build power APIs in JavaScript, which are easy to integrate in an existing JavaScript code in Express and Angular.

A Unique I/O Model that Excels at Scalable, Real-time Situations

By giving our Node.js developers an ability to write server-side applications in JavaScript, Node.js perform seamlessly even in the most demanding of the situation, allowing development of scalable, real-time applications previously unthought of.


Node.js, unlike Java, doesn’t wait for a request to complete before proceeding to the next request allows real time operation of the apps.


Since a single thread hops between different requests without waiting for a request to process, Node.js doesn’t block a request.

Event Driven

In node.js, the flow of the program is determined by events such as disk action, a network response, a CRUD operation on database, etc.

Single Threaded

Node.js employs only one thread to process one or more requests, which doesn’t strain the system and the most data intensive tasks can work in the same hardware.

Isomorphic Coding

JavaScript is an integral part of frontend technologies used in web. With Node.js bringing JavaScript to backend too, JavaScript can run on the both side.

Open Source

Node.js is free, open source and is backed by a huge community of professionals and volunteers. Thus, you don’t have to pay for acquisition or support.

Build Your Next Application with Node.js at the Back
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