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Backed by Google, Angular helps you build structured & easily testable applications. Hire Angular App developers who love Angular for being lightweight, highly scalable, mobile responsive, and cross-platform.

Choose Angular for Pre-eminent Flexibility and an Extensive Feature Set

Hire Angular Developers to develop browser and web-based applications for business and consumer-centric web and mobile applications.

Outstanding flexibility

Angular codes aren’t like building a skyscraper. They are flexible, where the client has the freedom to change their mind at any point in the project.

Component based UI

Angular employs a component-based UI approach that accelerates development of web and single page application build in the framework.

REST friendly framework

Angular creates single page application with where different pages are required to do transactions with server using RESTful API.

Reusable HTML components

The HTML you created once upon a time for a web application can, fortunately, be used inside the app you’re developing in Angular.

Two way data-binding

In Angular, when properties in the model are updated, so does the UI; when UI elements are updated, the changes are propagated back to the model.

Cross Platform development

Since Angular is JavaScript at its core, can run and execute regardless of the target platform that lets you build cross-platform applications like Java.

Hire dedicated Angular developers from TOPS

Stay at the cutting edge of the web with TOPS - A leading Angularjs Development Company

New Angular versions bring new features, making it easier for Angular developers to stay on the top of latest web and mobile technologies.

Progressive Web App
(PWA) Development

In Angular,we build Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) that load a single HTML page and dynamically update that page as the user interacts with the app.

Custom Angular

At TOPS, we excel in developing Angular applications to clients’ requirements with custom templates, modules, and libraries.

Angular Web Application

Angular allows us to develop sophisticated web apps for businesses and startup that match the performance of native apps.

Enterprise Development
in Angular

Enterprise wide deployment of web application wasn’t even a word before Angular came. TOPS offers enterprise development in Angular as a service.

Real-time application

TOPS develop high-performance applications for fast moving businesses that are looking to engage with their customers in real-time

Custom Widget

At TOPS, we can develop reusable user-interface components called widgets using the latest version of Angular.

Build progressive web app (PWA) in Angular only at TOPS

Build the entire app on a single codebase that is easy to extend and maintain

AngularJS made a move with version 2 when it switched completely to TypeScript, a strict syntactical superset of JavaScript developed by Microsoft. TypeScript lets you create scalable web apps that are easy to extend and maintain. Our AngularJS development company will help you create dynamic shopping carts while developing incredible AngularJS e-commerce apps.


Since an application in Angular is JavaScript inside out, a developer will have a nice time making changes to the code.


When a single team works on the backend and frontend part of an Angular application, it tends to be more productive than multiple teams.


Since an application in Angular is written entirely in JavaScript, it is easy and low cost to maintain it since you will need a smaller, single team


A component you created for Express, thanks to the modular design of Angular, can be integrated to Angular for the same functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions About Angular Development Services

Angularjs is an open source framework that permits you to use HTML as the base language. It adds both HTML syntax and your language template to develop a dynamic web application. It extends the HTML vocabulary to provide you with an interactive application. It is based on JavaScript, and Google maintains it.

If you are looking to develop a dynamic web application, then angularjs developers are the ones you need to hire. Best angularjs developers give you interactive dashboards, theme development, CMS tools, audio, video streaming apps, plugin development, etc.

There are many advantages, but the major one is it has been developed and maintained by Google. Thus the trust and reliability factors are checked. Not many MVC components are required for the programmer to pull them back together by writing many code lines. Instead, angularjs bring the MVC components on its own, and much time is saved. Angularjs is mostly preferred to create dynamic web applications.

Yes, we provide custom angular development as per our client’s needs.

Yes, you can hire developers from us for short, as well as turnkey projects.

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