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Native app development can be complicated and tedious. Android and iOS have various languages between them, like Java, Kotlin, and Swift. You can also make use of React Native, and the chances are that you will have to alter the way of the entire development.

If you wish to launch web apps, it reaches your customers directly, but in the case of a native app, you need clearance and certification from the independent app stores available for Android and iOS.

What is a Progressive Mobile App?

Progressive web apps make use of web standard technology, JavaScript, and JSON. It has the advantages of native apps, including performance and UI tweaks. Write once you work everywhere. You build it one time, and it works almost everywhere.

A progressive web app is a case of different technologies. They are capable of increasing the performance of your app. With added features, the merits across desktop and web always keep comparing against native apps, but many of these performances are also present on the website.

If you have a website, you don’t care so much about your mobile customers, a lot of these technologies can improve your website’s performance.

Progressive Web Apps vs Native Apps

Discoverability and Future of Mobile App Stores

Since progressive web apps are websites, app stores don’t need their publishers’ permission to publish on their specific platforms. They are like website directories. The App stores will have to look at PWA sites, and if specific standards are met, they’ll automatically have a place in the store.

Putting progressive web and mobile apps right in the store eliminates the difficulty of discoverability and the problem of searching the website, logging in, and then pinning it to your home screen.

Many progressive web apps are present already, like Google Maps. All you need to do is pin it to your start screen and have a PWA of Google Maps. It uses your location and works exactly like the app.

Does the on-demand business need Mobile Apps?


Every business is exclusive and so requires a complete solution to cater to the requirements of customers. Today when the customer is too busy to reach out to you, you need to reach them and make it effortless to link with you. This way, you can hike up your sales, and that’s the reason on-demand mobile app development services have created a buzz in the IT market.

The best examples of on-demand businesses are Uber, NetFlix, AirBnB, etc. which have created a niche in the market space. They leveraged customer behavior and revolutionized the way people utilize on-demand services.

What is an on-demand Mobile App all About?

In the simplest term, it is developing custom mobile apps that can quickly and effortlessly meet the customer’s stand-alone requirements. Having a thriving on-demand business model and a user-friendly mobile-based platform, you have the secret formula for making it big.

Some of the essential must-have features to be incorporated are as follows:

  • Easy, user-friendly interface to keep the user informed with the latest updates
  • Let users add fresh services, edit an existing one, or delete functionality
  • Efficient and straightforward order-tracking and delivery management
  • Swift and secure online payment process for every transaction
  • Tutorials, FAQs, and online help to resolve queries.
  • Use of geo-fencing, GPS, and navigation
  • Auto-filling address using social media accounts

The use of on-demand is on the rise, and so should the right feature integrations. All the susceptible paths must be looked for to enjoy highly extensible and useful mobile applications. If done correctly, these apps will surely add value to your business, making it more dynamic.

The significant benefits of having an on-demand mobile app are:-

  • Provides more value to the customer:
  • Help build a strong brand:
  • Boosts profits:
  • Open doors to unlimited business opportunities

Ways to Determine Your Target Audience

Another critical aspect that needs to be highlighted is the target audience. It is the segment for whom you are developing this application. It will give you a picture of whether the app will be used and the possibility of demand for your mobile app development.

By identifying the target audience for your app, you can perform the following: 

  • Features can be developed in accordance with the user preferences
  • Marketing campaign strategies can be planned
  • The best and most apt monetization techniques can be used

Furthermore, the knowledge of the target audience is crucial for the mobile app development process. For example, if you are developing an online food delivery service mobile app in Manhattan, one can assume that the target audience will be those living in New York.

  • Understanding the buyer’s demography, lifestyle, and behavior Conducting extensive surveys – online and offline
  • Using various marketing strategies
  • Researching competition and competitor apps

The Bottom Line

Earning the trust of your customers for your on-demand mobile app is crucial. It all comes down to the level of convenience, swiftness, and how efficiently your app supports their orders, tracking, payments, and reviews. Ultimately the deciding factor will be the waiting time between placing the order and delivery.

If you all eyes to develop an on-demand app for your business, you can always reach out to us, the USA’s best app development company. We offer flexible, responsive, and custom mobile app development that meets the needs to grow your business.


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