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Give your business a new lease of life with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Mobile Apps for iOS and Android built around iBeacon and Eddystone.

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The idea of building a mobile app around a beacon infrastructure is a scary initiative for most developer owing to the complexity involved. Not for the developers at TOPS who have an expertise in this app development department.

Proximity Marketing

Send push notifications to users when they are in store and based on their location inside relative to nearest Bluetooth beacons.

Indoor Navigation

With beacon network at places, we can build an app to give direction to your customers when they are indoors, outside GPS network.

Product Identification

The application can detect the location of the user from the nearest beacon and present information on the product he is standing nearest to.

Payment Systems

BLE app can give cashiers a run for their money by automating payments at the checkout or bringing contactless payments.

Meet Our Diverse Service Portfolio around Beacon Devices

Our diverse BLE app development services assure that you are always on the top of the game and your competitors are having a hard time playing catch-up.


Our experienced mobile app developers are known to develop high-performance BLE mobile apps.

BLE Mobile App Development Company | Beacon App Development


We will customize the application as per your business requirements and identity so it feels at home.


We help you source the hardware so that you have the latest set of BLE beacons to establish the infrastructure.


We have a team of experts in BLE, beacons, and associated app development in iBeacon and Eddystone.


We integrate temperature monitoring system, location, & proximity solutions, and heart rate & healthcare profiles.


We deploy the application on the server of your choice and publish it on the respective app stores on Android and iOS.

Integrate BLE Technology In Your Devices For Engaging User Experience

The Scope of Our Mobile App Development Services around Beacon Networks


Food and Beverage

A number of restaurant apps connects to the beacon network at the partner restaurants and eases the diners from calling the services and paying the bill.



Beacons are excellent indoor navigation devices. If the guest has installed the hotel app, the beacon will guide him towards his room and call the housekeeping.



Healthcare institutes benefit greatly from installation of beacon network. Patient who have installed the app can call a healthcare professional with a tap on his screen.


Museum & Art Galleries

Museums and art galleries have too many items on display. A beacon network placed at such places can push additional information about the item in proximity to visitor.



Beacons detect a user’s position in indoor locations such as a mall or a movie theater. Food vendors can rely on that location to deliver snacks to visitors at their seats.



Retailers can raise their retention rate, run proximity marketing campaign and run business intelligence software with the data from the app connected to beacons.

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Frequently Asked Questions About BLE/IoT Development

Beacons are low-cost, low-powered transmitters equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE.

Bluetooth Low Energy (also called Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth Smart) is the specification for the type of signals that beacons transmit.

Eddystone, since it works both on Android and iOS.

No, you need a developer to develop mobile apps around your beacon infrastructure.

iBeacon is the standard of beacon app development issued by Apple.

The typical range of Bluetooth low-energy radio modules is up to 70 m (230 ft.). It depends on the location too, because radio signals can be absorbed or diffracted. Beacons battery life can go for months even more than a year due to low-energy size.

All Bluetooth 4.0-enabled devices are capable of picking up BLE signals, these include all iOS devices manufactured since 2013.

Most beacons today, however, are “open network,” meaning their unique identifier is publicly available for developers.

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