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and Customer Satisfaction

Get better insights regarding your relationship with your customers, build action plans specifically to target them, maintain a high level of adaptability, and strengthen the relationship to raise retention rate. Hire CRM developer only at TOPS.

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Build a CRM Software for Managing Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support

Whether you run a SMB exploring fresh avenues of growth, startup entering fresh round of funding, or an enterprise frustrated with their existing CRM Software, custom CRM software solutions from TOPS are tailor-built to your requirements.

Behavioral Analysis

Our CRM solutions will help in analyzing customer behavior and assist in optimizing your business offerings based on their needs.

Personalized Strategies

We define precise and elite CRM strategies that are appropriate for businesses of various sizes and their target customers.


By combining our CRM strategy with your enterprise, we will help you in achieving your strategic and financial goals.

Extensive Integrations

Our expert CRM developers can hold a complex web application development solution, which integrates customer service systems.

Our CRM Services Redefine the Way You Build Relationships with Your Customers

TOPS' is a leading custom CRM development company providing an array of services to ensure you’re always at the center of our efforts to build custom CRM Softwares' that brings closer to your customers. You deliver better and faster services and support around your product.

Custom CRM Development

As a leading CRM development company, we develop the right kind of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions that offer instant access to the customer information system to every employee.

CRM Application and Design

Our teams of designers and software developers strive to provide flexible, scalable, robust and custom CRM application development services to tailor your business requirements.

ERP Development

Our team is making high profits when it comes to enterprise resource management systems. We’ve been developing ERP systems for all domains and work-hard for the best ROI.

Decision Support Systems Development

It is designed to support organizational decision-making activities. It will help you to increase productivity on the management, operations, and planning levels.

Custom SCM Development

Our Supply chain management automation software solutions can always be budget friendly if your business deals with importing and exporting goods, logistics and transportation.

CRM Consulting Services

Our CRM experts are offering a brilliant CRM consulting service, which provides ethical, robust, and contemporary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) development services.

Develop a CRM system around latest technology and tools

Hire CRM Developers at TOPS having Extensive Experience in Various Industry Verticals



Our custom CRM Software Solutions are perfect for hospitals and medical practitioners to learn more about their patients.



Not every customer who stays at your hotel is the same. Our CRM Softwares make way for most personalized services.



Our CRM Softwares make the impossible task of gathering information about all your walk-ins and customers a cakewalk.



We give CRM Software solutions a better user experience while providing a superior level of security over others.



We build real-time CRM Softwares, which improve existing technology portfolio around logistics and fulfillments centers.



Telecom networks have a hard time managing their customers. Not when they insist on a CRM solution built by TOPS.

TOPS is a leading CRM Software Development Company when it comes to Innovation

Build a CRM system that is built to your business requirements

Frequently Asked Questions About CRM Development

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It allows companies to manage business-related processes and all the data associated with them.

At TOPS, we quote you a price based on the number of features and hours it will take to build the CRM Software. Upon completion of the project, we will provide binaries as well as the source code, which you can deploy on the server of your choice. You can resell the software if you want to or deploy on a cloud service and offer as SaaS-based CRM Software.

A typical CRM solution may take 3-6 months to develop.

On-premise CRM runs on computers within the premises of an organization. The data is stored inside the premises of the company. Cloud-based CRM software implies that the software and all relevant data is accessible through the Internet and is displayed in a web browser.

In most cases, Yes unless you’re using an ancient ERP systems that talks some ancient technology.

The various methods of procuring a CRM Software, there are various options available:

  • Subscription Plan: You pay a monthly fees to keep using the SaaS services
  • Custom, quote based: You pay a price according to a quote accepted by you mostly calculated on hourly basis.
  • Single Payment: You buy a CRM and pay a one time fee.
  • Freemium: The CRM although is free to procure may charge for premium features like adding more than 50 customers.

In case you want a CRM Software built according to your business requirements rather than the other way around, you should insist on a custom CRM Software by TOPS.

Some of the typical modules that are commonplace in CRM Softwares:

  • Client Management
  • Order Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Events and Tasks Management
  • System Dashboard

Yes, we optimize the solution to be responsive and readily accessible on a mobile device although we recommend a PC or Mac for a complete experience. Today, many CRM solutions are investing significant manpower into building powerful mobile apps.

  • Marketing – Facebook, Twitter, MailChimp
  • Customer Service – Cases, Zendesk, online support
  • Sales – Google Apps, e-signing tools
  • Payment gateways: PayPal, Stripe, Braintree
  • BI Tool – Cognos BI, Pentaho BI, JasperReport
  • Accounting – Quickbooks, CPQ



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