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With every 1 in 4 websites developed in WordPress, maintaining a unique online identity with your website becomes a challenging task.
TOPS Infosolutions is a leading WordPress development company offering a plethora of WordPress development services
to give your website a distinct look without masking core WordPress functionalities. Hire WordPress Developer today!

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Millions of Websites Around the World Love WordPress for its Sheer Simplicity and Extendibility

Ease of use and flexibility are some of the reasons the world doesn’t get enough of this CMS. At TOPS, our developers love WordPress for its huge community support and thousands of plugins to add new features and themes to customize the design.


Building a web presence takes a lot of investment and patience. WordPress, an open-source CMS provides them a tool for rapid website development and access to a pool of affordable resources.


Vanilla WordPress may not be a fit for your website. Throw-in a few plugins to add new features and a premium third party theme and you have a website worth grabbing eyeballs.


Website admin panel may intimidate people not accustomed with web development. WordPress presents you an approachable admin panel you can interact with in confidence.


Adding content to a CMS needs developers and designers working in cohesion. Not when your website runs on WordPress. Then you can add content yourself without instructions.

Develop a Website that Truly Reflects Your Business Value with Our WordPress Development Services

Our team of WordPress developers are well versed with every aspect of WordPress development from theme customization to plugin development. We provide a spectrum of WordPress development services for your every website development need.

Custom WordPress

Customize your WordPress website to reflect your business identity with our WordPress development services.

WordPress Migration

Make your website manageable again, when you migrate it to WordPress from any other platform with our support.

WordPress Maintenance

Your WordPress website needs to scale with your business. Our maintenance services keeps the website in order.

WordPress eCommerce

WordPress websites can double as an eCommerce website too with our WordPress eCommerce development services.

WordPress API

APIs are hard to integrate in traditional CMS systems. Take a step forward with our WordPress API integration services.

WordPress Plugin

Not every time you find the plugin to add features to the website. Then we develop a custom plugin just for you.

Take A Step Further with Our WordPress Plugin Development Services

TOPS is leading WordPress Development Company Serving Various Industry Verticals



We build healthcare websites using WordPress that are secure, manageable, and customizable.



WordPress gives your hotel management system a boost in terms of online identity.



We use existing WordPress plugins and themes to build your custom retail or ecommerce website.



WordPress gives enterprises a simple website that is easy to manage high on security.



WordPress gives excellent web panel to fleet, assets & warehouse management tools.



WordPress is the CMS we choose when looking to develop an education or learning platform.

WordPress is a Perfect Tool to Develop Business and Personal Websites

Build a Website that Truly Reflects Your Business Values and Identity

Frequently Asked Questions About WordPress Development

WordPress powers close to 75 million websites and the number is growing even though various new website development tools are available. There are three reason why people choose WordPress:

  • Large, growing Community
  • Thousands plugins and themes
  • Easy to setup and manage

No, WordPress doesn’t charge you anything as it is a open-source project under GNU license.

Yes. If your website is built around PHP, HTML, CSS and MySQL, then the migration would be straight forward method. However, if your website is in some other technology, we need to rewrite some code and may be a little challenging.

Themes are set of HTML templates that are tried and tested to use on WordPress websites. Businesses tend to go with premium themes.

If you want to build a business or personal website to build an online presence and promote your services or products, WordPress is for you.

While WordPress is free, you still need to pay for domain and hosting. In addition, if you’re outsourcing WordPress development, you need to pay the party for bringing customization, adding pieces of code, etc.

WordPress is customizable at every level of WordPress development. You can change the look with one of the themes available. For adding common features, there are tons of plugins at your disposable. You can also develop plugins to suit your business needs.

For those looking at another level of customization, the entire source code is available to play around.

Plugins allow you to add features to WordPress such as readymade forms, quick posting, SEO checker, etc.

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