Upskilling is not an option;
it’s a necessity

Stay Upgraded, Stay Relevant

Humans are naturally influenced by success and the only way for everyone to continue on their path of success is to change with changing times. For anyone working in the IT Industry if you look at the recent past, there have been a lot of disruptive innovations; while the old technologies are not dead, but anyone not upgrading within them is having a hard time to stay relevant. At TOPS we believe that success is a lot more fun when we can upgrade ourselves and also help others to upgrade.


Career Path

A Career Path is not only an advancement Road Map but is also a way to enjoy what you do and what you want to do. There are many factors that influence one’s path at TOPS. We work with everyone to understand their likes and dislikes; strengths and weaknesses. Not only that but to make sure people get to know about what the other teams are doing

Train with a Colleague

We highly recommend training and upskill in pairs. Like your projects if there is a partner, mentor, friend, competition in you upskilling it helps to learn things faster. Imagine when you are upskilling and your partner colleague upskilling with you has a little different background in terms of his knowledge and experience, that would really bring a different perspective and a lot of new ideas to the table.


Peer Mentoring

A legacy of a great person is how many people thank him for teaching him something important. We really encourage all employees not to upskill but take training programs to train their peers, this helps in cultivating an environment of constant learning. Peer training doesn’t need to come for long sessions, it can be as simple as a 30 minute concept session or a 3 hour new technology session.

Our Philosophy

TOPS is only as good as combined knowledge of all TOPSIAN’s. With constant learning opportunities we are making an environment to keep on improving and make sure we are able to compete in this constant world of change.

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