Upskilling is not an option; it’s a necessity

Upskilling and Reskilling

The latest technological advancements bring in new opportunities but also create challenges and skill gaps. Investing in skills improves the performance and reliability of their employees and so, our company has been creating varied learning opportunities for our workforce. When employees are offered and encouraged to advance their careers by augmenting their knowledge for their personal and professional growth, they are likely to work with the organization that provided them with support for upskilling or reskilling.

What are the benefits of Upskilling?

Upskilling/Reskilling improves Employee Satisfaction

Most of the time, people change jobs if they find their job responsibilities stagnant or monotonous. Enthusiastic employees who always look for challenging job roles can be encouraged to work with an organization for a longer time by offering continuous learning and development. TOPS offers great opportunities to the employees for upskilling and reskilling to keep their productivity and quality of output high.

Employees can diversify their offerings

With the ever-changing business demands, new technologies and high competition in the industry, upskilling becomes important to keep pace. One can acquire new skills or learn new technologies to stay agile in the competitive market. Upskilling and reskilling allows the employees to future-proof their career and stay ahead of the competition.

Stay updated with the latest tools and technologies

With advancements in technology, the latest tools and techniques have been reshaping the workplace in multiple ways. Modern technologies have eliminated repetitive tasks and most of the jobs are likely to be replaced by the future-ready technologies. Certification courses provide deeper learning for professionals who want to grow beyond their current expertise.

Improved workers’ productivity

One of the obvious benefits of upskilling is to increase the employees’ productivity, which ultimately helps in the overall development and personal as well as professional growth of an individual. The employees need to have the best knowledge and skills to do their best at their job. Upskilling can upgrade their knowledge and boost their productivity.

Client Satisfaction

Upskilled and happy employees would work with their efficiency to make your customers satisfied and happy. Loyal employees will leave no stone unturned to deliver excellent service to the clients that results in repeat business from old and existing customers.

The Benefits of Upskilling

For Employees

Perform their jobs better

Boosted confidence and morale

Career growth

Increased adaptability & flexibility

For Employer

Well-equipped workforce

Employee retention and engagement

Cost savings

A culture of learning and development

TOPS Upskilling Program

We have introduced a culture of learning in the workplace to help employees grasp new technologies and gain knowledge about the latest advancements in different technologies. We encourage our employees to learn new skills, enhance their skills and knowledge through online courses, and we conduct training sessions for our people. We have extended the learning budgets for making a commitment to upskill and reskill our workforce. We love to equip our employees with exciting learning opportunities. Whether the employees want to be trained in a different department or enhance their skills in the field they are currently working in, we provide exceptional support to them to help them upgrade their skills and knowledge.

How Does the Upskilling Program Work?

Employees associated with us can opt for online or offline courses related to their field expertise and once they obtain the certificates, we reimburse the fees for the course. Some employees have already completed courses related to Flutter, Kotlin, Python, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big data, and digital marketing already. Employees can enjoy bonuses and incentives for availing the courses. We have prepared a list of courses from Udemy, Coursera, etc. and employees can pick them by getting approval from the Reporting manager. Enhance your skills without worrying about the fees. We’ve got you covered! Employees take care of gaining new skills and we will take care of the fees. Learn and grow with us.

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