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TOPS’ Enterprise Mobility solutions ensure an effective, seamless mobile experience with global mobility consulting resources and ongoing support – a comprehensive set of solutions to address every phase of the mobility lifecycle.

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Personalized User Experiences Regardless of Device, Time and Place

Enterprise Mobility solutions by TOPS integrate smartphone with your traditional office environment around fixed workstations. Build the workplace that enables choice of device and applications and on-demand access for your capabilities.

Identity Driven Security

Comprehensive, intelligent protection against today's advanced attacks with single sign-on across devices, your data center and the cloud.

End User Accountability

Holds employees accountable for actions and makes them less likely to commit mistakes or take other actions that might compromise operations.

Data Loss Prevention

We make sure that your employees are not sending sensitive or critical information outside the corporate network, deliberately or accidentally.

BYOD Friendly

Encourage your employees to work on their personal devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones and raise their productivity.

Build a Modern Digital Workplace with Our Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Increase employee productivity, empower your mobile employees to collaborate in real time, reduce costs, and provide a personalized consumer experience with an integrated solution from TOPS.

Assets Management

We provide a centralized comprehensive view of the enterprise and BYOD mobile assets so that you can see all of the devices at one place.

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Mobile Group Policies

We enforce on device password policy, data backup/restore policy, access control policy, including configuration for Exchange ActiveSync, WI-FI, VPN and APNs.

Mobile Application Management

TOPS’ Enterprise Mobility solutions allows enterprise IT to define which on device applications are mandatory and which are prohibited.

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Mobile Groups Creation

We create device groups that are managed through organizational hierarchies as used by the system for assets management and mobile applications management

Mobile Devices Remote Access

TOPS’ Enterprise Mobility solution enables IT personnel to assume complete control over the enterprise mobile devices from remote locations.

Identity and Data Protection

Locate a device on a map or via its alarm; lock access to it; wipe on-device data from remote location and back-up and restore device data.

Build Your Enterprise Mobility Solution around Accessibility and Security

Our Enterprise Mobility Solutions Cater to a Diverse Set of Industries


Business Process
Outsourcing (BPO)

Calculating the efficiency of an outsourced process is tedious as many parameters are involved. TOPS issues intelligent enterprise apps to make the process simpler.


Human Resource

Managing employees’ devices under BYOD program isn’t easy for your human resource team not until they insist on our Enterprise Mobility solutions.


Audit and Compliance

Audit bureaus as well as other compliance agencies have to manage a remote workforce through a set of strict security protocols. Our Enterprise Mobility solution is what they need.


Educational Institutes

Education institutes require the students to remain in a strict framework of routine prescribed by the authorities. With the right policies, our mobility solutions ensure a strict routine.


Organizations (NGOs)

A great deal of workforce of an NGO is working on-site from where it gets difficult to manage them. Our Enterprise Mobility solutions ensure a central management console.


Helpdesks and
Service Centers

Managing a service center with so many incoming requests and technicians is a tough bet. We provide enterprise solutions devised around your way of working.

Our Enterprise Mobility Solutions at a Glance

Scalable Mobile Solutions for Enterprises, SMBs and Startups

Frequently Asked Questions About Enterprise Mobility

The enterprise mobility environment creates new challenges for the CIO. Digital mobile devices are becoming more instrumental than ever in execution of daily tasks. As these devices become more crucial to the enterprise, they create a dual challenge:

  • How to best control security exposure.
  • How to maximize device capabilities across the business realities.

Enterprise Mobility introduces benefits in several dimensions:

  • Shifting to new mobile devices.
  • Implementing mobile policies.
  • Increase efficiency, reduce costs.

Yes, our mobility solutions are developed around BYOD and enterprise applications are available for iOS, Android and the web.

No. The policies will differ depending on thee managerial level, professional department or their daily allocated tasks.

Enterprise Mobility resolves challenges posed by the mobile device while executing the following directives:

  • Protect the connected employee and organization by managing risk situations.
  • Monitor mobile assets utilization and control outlays.

The solution is available in cloud or on any premise deployment.

All communications are encrypted using industry standard HTTPS and SSL. The private data that is stored on the system server is encrypted. There is a clear segregation between different customers and users. One customer cannot see the information from another customer. One user cannot control another user’s device.

Device management regarding policies management can be done without the awareness of the device holder. A remote takeover for support purposes requires that proactive consent of the device holder.

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