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App publishers make a great deal of money from in-app purchases and advertisements on their iOS app.
Drive your app over Apple ecosystem for great incentives by choosing TOPS – a leading iOS app development company.

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You don’t reach new heights with yet another app on App Store. You need an app that shines in every department to compete with 2 million apps there. At TOPS, our iOS team knows what separates an average app from a great app. Trust TOPS for your next iOS app development project.

Experienced iOS Developers

We designate skilled and experienced iPhone app developers to your project with specialized team for iPhone and iPad.

End-to-end Development

Our team takes care of every aspect of iOS development from building strategy and assessment to testing and technical delivery.

App Store Assistance

We know how conservative iOS is when it comes to approving an app. Our developers have a good record of accomplishment.

Quality Standards

Our iPhone app developers are trained to follow the highest standards of quality to give your users the app they deserve.

Meet a Diverse Service Portfolio Around iOS App Development

We are there for you when you need us the most regardless of where you are in your iOS development cycle. Sometimes our iOS team is all your development project needs to fill the void.

iOS App Development

We have team of expert iOS developers to turn your idea into a native iPhone and iPad app.

iOS App Consultation

Talk to the experts in the field and comprehend the feasibility of your iOS project.

UI/UX Design

Our UI/UX designers follow the latest UI guidelines issued by Apple for iPhone and iPads.

iOS App Porting

Port your application to iPhone and iPad keeping the essential application architecture intact.

iOS App Testing

No app is perfect and our testing team ensures it is the closest thing to disambiguation.

iOS App Maintenance

iOS apps are hard to maintain. Our team takes care of all those bug fixes and feature updates going on.

Build Your iOS App around Latest Tools and Technologies

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For instant provision of the services they are seeking, many people look for an on-demand app.



A vast number of people now book tickets and appointment with an app on their iPhones and iPads.



Mobile apps are fast replacing cash and plastic money with mobile app payment systems.



Smartphones are menace for schoolkids and teenagers. Not when they use for educational content.



Video streaming apps are replacing broadcast TV with smartphones for personalized experiences.



eCommerce is already giving nightmares to retailers and mCommerce is going to give more.



Fitness apps tied to wearables are inspiring people to use smartphone to improve their lifestyle.



One-to-one, group or HD video chats, we have come a long way from the time of wired telephones.



Mobile apps have redefined the way healthcare services are delivered to people in remote corners

Build Your Application Around Revolutionary New iOS Features

We have Created an End-to-End Process for Quality Testing

Frequently Asked Questions About IOS Application Development

Native applications run on the target device while a cross-platform application can run on all supported device with little optimization to the code. Native code for iOS is written in Swift and Objective C. Native apps have better support for the internal hardware as code runs natively on the device.

Cross platform development on the other hand is undertaken with common web technologies like CSS, HTML and JavaScript and cross platform apps run inside a compatible layer package called wrapper in the operating system. So performance can be sloppy at times.

Some of the common cross platform mobile development tools are –

– Adobe PhoneGap

– Ionic Framework

– Sencha Touch

– Apache Cordova

– React Native.

Apple considers iPhone and iPad as separate target devices and thus, app binaries for iPhone and iPads are incompatible although sharing the same iOS codebase. Apple expects iOS developers to optimize the UI elements for the larger screen estate on tablets.

Your application will keep working.

This is hard to guess. Apple is extremely conservative with their app screening process and won’t overlook a single excuse to reject your app. The good news is TOPS has very good record of accomplishment when it comes to getting your app approved on App Stores. It might take more than one attempts sometimes though.

If you have the budget and agree that performance is the key to the success or failure of your app, choose native iOS app without thinking any further. However, if you have a tight budget and can’t commission apps on every of your target platform, choose cross platform development. Modern cross-platform tools share upto 80% code between your applications and thus bill you less.

React Native lets web developers build native application on Android and iOS in JavaScript. For more info, check our resources on React Native.

No, tvOS is derived from iOS but is a distinct OS, including some frameworks that are supported only on tvOS. So you need to port the app from iOS to tvOS, which isn’t exactly straightforward.

Apple App Store charges fee of $99/year.

Depend on traffic expectations, server company and server parameters can be defined which can range in $10 USD to $100 USD per month.

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