Software Testing and Quality Assurance Services
for Web and Mobile Applications

Quality Assurance and Testing Services by TOPS gives your web and mobile applications a better user experience. Our Quality Control
team work inside your established processes and teams to help you meet project requirements faster.

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Take a Step Towards Ultimate User Experience with Our Quality Assurance Services

Our quality testing and control services are tied to our experienced testing team who work on projects from inception to delivery to ensure that the client’s expectations are met with the highest standards even on a tight delivery schedule.


Core testing functions are part of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and our secret tool to successfully manage business and technology priorities.

Digital Transformation

For organizations that rely on the new digital services and applications to bring about the business transformation, our Testing and QA teams play a key role in their success.

Specialized Testing

Rapidly adapt to disruptive market changes and improve application user experience with our Specialized Testing services across various channels & platforms.


Data validation is a fundamental part of QA services at TOPS Infosolutions because wrong data can create a wide gap with your applications and users.

Rely on Our Wide Range of Testing Services for Highest Standards of Quality

TOPS is a renowned company for web and mobile development. The credit to our top-notch development services goes to the quality assurance team.

Test Automation

Maximize ROI and minimize delivery time with a comprehensive, end-to-end testing automation services.

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UI Testing

Grow your customer base with our top-of-the-line UI/UX testing services for smarter, faster web & mobile apps.

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Functional Testing

Specification-based testing to meet expectations of the client and the user with our latest testing tools.

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Mobile App Testing

Get an ample regression coverage with us and accelerate time to market by delivering a superior experience.

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Security Testing

Prevent potential threats targeting vulnerabilities with our continuous security testing services.

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Performance Testing

Determine the responsiveness & reliability of systems and identify issue source with our performance testing services.

Strive for the best with our quality assurance and software testing services

We Serve Diverse Industry Verticals with Our Quality Assurance and Testing Services



For healthcare applications on the web and mobile, we implement a specialized testing process.



Our QA services gives your hotel management system a much needed boost in UX & performance.



We use specialized test cases to make sure your retail app is within the predefined quality standards.



Our UI testing service gives enterprise app a better UX while providing a superior level of security.



We test real-time apps: fleet & asset tracking and warehouse management for reliability.



We know how much quality controls matters in education sector and what we are doing about it.

Well Developed QA Processes around Latest Tools & Methodologies

Frequently Asked Questions About Testing & QA Services

Quality Assurance sets the quality standards of the projects. Quality Control revolves around bringing the software to the quality standards. Quality control is the primary responsibility of the testing team. Testing is the process of finding bugs and fixing them.

QA activities start right from the beginning of the project. The earlier it starts the better it is to set the highest standards of the quality.

Software Testing Life Cycle is a set of a testing process which has various steps to be executed in a defined sequence to make sure quality goals are within reach.

The best way to ensure it is not introduced again is to commit a test case for the bug and list it in regression suite.

The QA manager or the project manager shortlists a list of the standards to be approved by the client.

Test Strategy is created by the Project Manager to outline the entire approach of the testing for the entire project.

Test planning demos how the testing should take place for each application sharing the same project name.

A test case has the below format:

  • Test case ID
  • Test case description
  • Severity
  • Priority
  • Environment
  • Build version
  • Steps to execute
  • Expected results
  • Actual results

Functional testing, as the name sounds, deals with the functional aspect of the application. The purpose is to test the system if it behaves as per the requirement and specification.

Nonfunctional testing, on the other hand, tests the requirement, but not the environmental factors like performance, load and stress.

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