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Redefine the Way Users Consume Content and Interact with your Application

With various design philosophies, UI ideologies and user experience trends around, fixing on an approach isn’t forthright. Perhaps, you need our fix.


Our designers understand users’ subliminal behavior and how they characteristically engage with application. They design experiences that users can interact with intuitively.


Our UX promotes simplicity, functionality, and human nature. Our minimalism principles of design characterize clean lines and block colors.


The objective of our UX designers is to remove everything redundant to show the indispensable to the best advantage. We always insist function over form.


We believe a beautiful UX design should be experienced and not seen. What can be a more beautiful UX than one which allows your users to reach their goals easily.

We Believe 'Function' Over 'Form' for the Purest User Experience

Take a cue from our UI/UX playbook and build user interface to drive engagement and bring users closer to your application with our extensive service portfolio around user experience.

Information Architecture

We provide structural designs and shape and label application to make then more usable & easier to navigation—information modelling for complex systems.

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User Interface (UI) Design

We organize the layout and scheme the user interface to maximize the usability of the applications and streamline the user experience.

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User Experience (UX) Design

To augment user satisfaction, we provide usability, approachability, and preference while interacting with the application. It all about delivering a great user experience.

UI/UX Design Services

Gamification in UX

Our user-centered approach includes the “fun” element to make it more interactive and usable while retaining the nuances for unique application experience.

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Wireframing & Prototyping

We provide basic plan and structural guiding principle of your app & mold the basic wireframe to unveil finer visual details and various points of interaction.

UI Testing & Validation

We test applications’ user interface to ensure they adhere to user specifications, which included various test cases, where designers test overall functionality.

For a Compelling User Experience that Speaks Human Language, Choose TOPS

Our Unique Approach to UI/UX Design Gives Your Application Wings

Frequently Asked Questions About UI UX Design Development

Basically, the user interface (UI) is a sequence of states and functions realized via visual elements—like toggles and buttons—that enable the user to interact with your application.

User experience (UX), in contrast, is the overall experience that the user has while interacting with user interface.

UX is more like UI in action from a users’ perspective.

There are several reasons why concentrating on the user experience can be positive for business. There are two key factors that make the user experience principally vital.

  • User experience helps increase your revenue.
  • User experience reduces costs down the line.

Avoiding probable usability issues from the beginning, is cost efficient than fixing them later with application updates. Nevertheless, design amendments are easier to make than code changes, and therefore are cheaper.

Frequently, designers and clients presume that people who will use the application is just like them, which is seldom a case. It’s a common human tendency termed in psychology as ‘false-consensus’. You are not the users; your actual users are.

Every good user experience revolves around two things: intuitiveness and responsiveness. While intuitiveness is the result of human language, responsiveness depends on the underlying development technology, hardware, and software architecture.

Humans are edgy, so it is imperative to contemplate how to condense the level of struggle your users require to make the maximum out of the app

Alternatively, if your application allows users to accomplish their tasks as fast as possible, this will leave an impression, a lasting one, which they will increase the revenue in the long run.

UX design is a reflection of users demands and needs. Therefore, understating of users, tasks, and environments is vital to an UI/UX design project. You want to design a product your users love and it must address their needs. Evidently, user research is the backbone of a UX design process.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has created a set of common user experience standards, called ISO 9241–210.

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