Product Lifecycle Management Software Development

Integrate processes, teams, and data throughout the product lifecycle from structuring and standardizing processes and data, cross-domain collaborations, minimizing administrative overheads, and focusing 100% on design, engineering, and innovation.

Technologies & Tools That Goes Into Building Our PLM Solutions

For effective product lifecycle management, our PLMsolutions improve collaboration among different players of a supply chain and expedite the data sharing many a time across design, quality control, manufacturing, and business systems.

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Need PLM Solution Development?

Our PLM solution ensures growth at every stage of a product’s cycle

Closely manage every aspect of your product’s lifecycle and boost operations around each of the stage with a top-notch PLM solution by TOPS.

  • 1. Introduction

Our software can perform market analysis, development and research and with a little assistance analysis of your competitors behavior.

  • 2. Scale

When a product is introduced to the market and starts to generate revenue. The PLM solution can makea decision whether to scale up the performance or not.

  • 3. Maturity

Innovative product companies create a reasonable advantage to keep up and further grow market share while keeping in pace with advancement our PLM software delivers.

  • 4. Scale Down

The solution reexamines production volume and optimizes their solution by spending marginally and nullifying investment in new product releases.

Take a competitive advantage with a custom PLM Solution by TOPS

The crucialrole of PLM software is to speed up product development and raise profitability of the enterprise investing in the software.

High Data Quality Assurance

Without high quality data assurance, you PLM solutions will decrease productivity and raise costs. That is why we are a premier PLM software provider.

Compliant with Design Standards

Compliance with industry standard assures that the software’s look and feel don’t alienate people. TOPS follows a standard approach to PLM software.

Maintain Data Integrity

Enterprise software deals in terabytes of data. More than storing them, our solution puts emphasis is on maintaining its integrity across all mediums.

Accelerate time-to-value

TOPS PLM solutions make your product development process efficient and breakdown silos. Therefore, your product enters market faster.

Reduce Process Bottlenecks

Minimize delays & bottlenecks with our state of the art tools to design & define processes & workflows, along with their associated tasks, gates, & milestones.

Improve Strategic Judgements

A PLM software creates a central repository, where it stores products details to give PLM operators access to the right data at the right time.

Raise Production Efficacy with Capabilities Unique To Our PLM Solutions

TOPS’ PLM software makes processes more efficient to raise productivity of your enterprise or startup. This is the chief capabilities of our product lifestyle management (PLM) software.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

BOM should not leave any room for error or the entire offering fails. Our PLM software manages, visualizes & shares up-to-date BOM information.

Engineering change
management/ orders (ECR or ECO)

ECR offer a simple view of order details. They help understand and accept engineering change requests (ECR) and engineering change orders (ECO).

New product introduction

Establish efficient and repeatable NPI processes: offer real-time views of the development status, and track milestones of all products in development.

Manage products easily with these handy features in our PLM solutions

featureAdministrative Control

  • Choice List
  • Choice driven properties

  • If-then driven properties
  • Default properties

featureCommon Parameters

  • Description
  • Material

  • Weight
  • Vendor

  • Vendor Part Number
  • Vendor City/State

  • Cage Code
  • Source

featureSupported CAD Tools

  • CREO Parametric 2.0 +
  • CREO Schematics 2.0 +

  • CATIA V5 +
  • NX 8.5 +

  • SolidWorks 2011 +

Deploy our PLM Capabilities into the cloud and take an edge

When deployed on the cloud, our PLM software offers many advantages over traditional on-premise product lifecycle management software:

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • No hardware to purchase or servers to maintain
  • No upgrades or associated delays due to redeployment
  • Faster implementation
  • Instantly on
  • Secure access anytime, anywhere

Build PLM capabilities in the cloud

We cater to a diverse industry verticals

Top vendors in diverse industrial fields entrust our PLM development services to improve operational efficiency and costs.

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Why TOPS is a choice of enterprises and startups around the world

Code Etiquette

TOPS PLM development team writes clean and easily manageable lines of code

Security Confirmation

TOPS work under the NDA, NCA and other information security management standards.

Development Flexibility

Our developers accept any IT challenge with a smiling face and don’t give up.

Deadlines Respectability

Deadlines mean everything to us and our motto has always been to stay on top of them

Development custom PLM software for your enterprise

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