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Businesses around the world choose our CodeIgniter developers to create full-featured web applications. TOPS chooses CodeIgniter when working on a tight delivery schedule on a limited project scope.

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Choose CodeIgniter for High Performance PHP Applications

CodeIgniter shines in the places where most PHP frameworks shy away. There is a reason CodeIgniter powers so many PHP applications developed and deployed by TOPS, a leading CodeIgniter development company. Indeed, we use other PHP frameworks but CodeIgniter finds many more use cases here.

Small Yet Powerful

CodeIgniter though little in size is powerful enough to build robust PHP applications.

MVC or Not

While CodeIgniter is fully MVC compliant, it doesn’t enforces the rules and is quite flexible.

Raw Performance

CI with little extras is more like core PHP development on adrenaline plus support.

Built-in Security

CI has in-built security to safeguard your application from CSRF and XSS attacks.

TOPS is a leading CodeIgniter Development Company for Full-featured PHP Applications

Withstand the competition in the web space and gradually make a mark for yourselves. Hire CodeIgniter developers at TOPS and give your web presence a competitive reboot with our diverse service portfolio.

CodeIgniter Web Application Development

We build modern web application using PHP and CodeIgniter to help you stay ahead of the curve.

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CodeIgniter Integration

When it comes to adding third party services to your CodeIgniter code, our team is what you need.

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CodeIgniter Application
Migration Services

Maintaining legacy frameworks and applications is such a pain. Our CodeIgniter developers might help.

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CodeIgniter Portal

Our CodeIgniter developers have vast experiences in developing web portal in PHP with the framework.

CodeIgniter Website

Hire our CodeIgniter developers and develop a website that truly reflects your business values and labels.

CodeIgniter Upgradation

If you’re stuck on the legacy version of CodeIgniter, we can help you upgrade to the latest one.

Hire CodeIgniter Developers Delivering Robust Web Applications

Our CodeIgniter Developers have Experience in Multiple Industry Verticals



We build healthcare applications using CodeIgniter, React, Bootstrap and other key web technologies.



React gives your hotel management system much need functional updates to cater to the online base.



We use existing PHP plugins and libraries to build your custom retail or ecommerce website on.



CodeIgniter gives business website or web app a superior level of security over other frameworks.



PHP lets us build efficient apps for fleet tracking, asset tracking, and warehouse management.



CodeIgniter is our PHP framework to choose when developing an education or learning platform.

CodeIgniter Makes for Great PHP Application because of its Unique Features

Are You Looking for a Laravel Developer Rather?

Frequently Asked Questions About Codeigniter Development

Codeigniter is an open source framework for web application. It is used to develop websites on PHP. It is loosely based on MVC pattern, and it is easy to use compare to other PHP framework.

That depends. CodeIgniter is better suited for small and medium projects with small teams.  If you want to deliver a project as fast as possible and don’t want to spend any time learning something new in addition to PHP, then CodeIgniter is the best choice for you. If you are in a big team and need to extend your website to a very big commercial website, then Laravel is your only choice.

At the time of writing, CodeIgniter was in version 3. The current legacy version, CodeIgniter2.2.6, reached its end-of-life for support and updates on Oct 31 2015. CodeIgniter 4.x is under development and completed Phase 1 in June 2016 though it is not ready for production.

CodeIgniter has a fairly loose approach to MVC since Models are not required. If you don’t need the added separation, or find that maintaining models requires more complexity than you want, you can ignore them and build your application minimally using Controllers and Views.

Newer versions of CodeIgniter are backward compatible with most version of PHP.

The installer is mere 2.6MB on Windows and comparable on Linux and macOS.

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