Build Next Generation applications on the
MERN stack, web or mobile

MERN is a technology stack for web and mobile development that makes it easy to develop universal
apps using MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, NodeJS, Webpack and Redux. TOPS has the team of
experienced MERN developers to bring your application portfolio to the latest development trends.

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Our Expertise in MERN stack and associated web technologies

The acronym MERN stands for the MongoDB, Express.js, ReactJS, and Node.js, which are open source technologies and are based on JavaScript. Our developers are familiar with these frameworks and are flexible with working with the new technology stack.


MongoDB is NoSQL database that empowers your business application to be more scalable, robust, secure and agile.


Epress.js is the framework of choice when you want to build single and multi-page, and hybrid web applications.


React is the smartest way to create interactive UI, design views for applications states and render right components.


When building fast, scalable network applications on a reliable JavaScript runtime platform backed by Google Chrome


Redux helps you write applications that behave reliably, run in diverse environments, and are easy to test.


Webpack is a build tool that puts all of your assets, including JavaScript, images, fonts, and CSS, in a dependency graph.

MERN is answer to your full-stack development woes

MERN is the full-stack framework if you’re looking to develop modern web applications. Major tech establishments are fast replacing their existing applications in LAMP stack to MERN for the obvious benefits of MERN.

MERN makes Developing Modern Web applications less complicated

A state-of-the-art development company working on MERN stack

The latest version of MERN bring a bunch of new features, unleashing new possible what developers can achieve in minimal time and hassle yet stay on the top of latest of the web and mobile technologies.

Single page Application
(SPA) Development

In React, we build Single page applications (PWAs) that load a single HTML page and dynamically update that page as the user interacts with the app

Custom React

At TOPS, we excel in developing React applications to clients requirement with custom templates, modules and libraries.

React Web Application

React allows us to develop sophisticated web apps for businesses and startup that match the performance of native apps.

Enterprise Development
in React

Enterprise wide deployment of web application wasn’t even a word before React came. TOPS offers enterprise development in React as a service.

Real-time application

TOPS develop high-performance applications for fast moving businesses that are looking to engage with their customers in real-time

Custom Widget

At TOPS, we can develop reusable user-interface components called widgets using the latest version of React

The Variants of MERN TOPS has Expertise in

In a few instances, clients don’t want to work on one of the frameworks of MERN stack. Whatever the reason, our developers never shy away from working on a one of the variants of MERN. Some of the variants we have worked for are


Leveraging on our vast experience in Ember.js development, we can indeed deliver on MEEN stack too.


Vue.js is amongst the biggest competitors to React and Angular. So is MEVN to MERN and MEAN stack


Angular is probably the most popular JS framework out there. Our developers we can handle MEAN stack.

MEAN Stack developers at TOPS have the requisite expertise and experience
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