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Build capabilities to make average tasks quicker, easier, and more pleasant for yourself, customers, partners, and employees with our Alexa Skill development services. We have built hundreds of skills that run on Echo family of devices, FireTV, Fire Tablet, and third-party devices with Alexa built-in.

Alexa Skill Development Company

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Hire Alexa Skills Developer to Develop a Diverse Set of Alexa Skills with Amazon Skills Kit (ASK)

What is an app to smartphone, skills are to Alexa devices. Our vast knowledge in developing custom Alexa skills using Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) encompasses these area of expertise.

Fetch Information

Alexa, is it raining in London?
TOPS, an Alexa Skill Development Company brings your web services closer to tens of millions of Amazon Alexa devices, only a voice command away.


Alexa, list all orders on my Shopify store. You customers can issue orders specific to your skills when you develop custom Alexa skills with our Alexa Skills developer.

Perform Calculations

Alexa, 10 points from Gryffindor for indiscipline.
When you have to perform complex calculation, you must insist on our Alexa skill development services.

Integrate Hardware

Alexa, ask Raspberry Pi to turn pin 20 on?
If you’re connecting your Alexa to an external hardware, we can develop the perfect skill to make it work.

Understand Customer Intents with Alexa’s Voice User Interface

Alexa’s voice user interface (VUI) understands user intents out of the box. It processes the intents on a backend cloud service and responds to it. Our Alexa skill development services can cater to both.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

We leverage on Alexa’s state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing engines for speech to text (STT) conversions and understanding user intent.

Multilingual Support

Alexa Skill Development Company creates skills in multiple languages. Our Alexa skills support single or multiple languages and make translations between them.

In-Skill Purchasing

Alexa skills we develop aren’t just to wow your customers; you can actually make money out of skills when you sell premium features.

Backend Flexibility

While we suggest sticking with AWS lambda, you can host the backend at any server provided it processes HTTPS requests.

Interaction Models

Every skill has an interaction model that determines the requests the skill can handle and the words users say to invoke those requests.

Pre-built Models

With Amazon Alexa’s pre-built models like music skills and flash skills, we can build a skill for you in half the time and minimum coding.

Build Your Application Without Provision or Managing Server with AWS Lambda

We Serve Diverse Industry Verticals with Our Alexa Skills Development Services



We develop Alexa skills that entices your customers to live a healthy lifestyle .



Alexa skills we develop bring your guests closer to the hotel and staff.



Our Alex skills make shopping interactive and fun for our retail partners.



Enterprises love our strides into Alexa for Business and private skill development.



Alexa skills can run real-time updates on warehouse management systems.



Educationists love Alexa because it makes learning so much fun and responsive.

Target Millions of Alexa-powered Devices With the Right Skill

Building Alexa Skills for Every Sort of Business Needs

Book Appointment
Buy Tickets
Cook Recipe
Set Reminder

Frequently Asked Questions About Alexa Skill Development

No, we have a number of testing Echo devices at our off-shore facility.

Most skills functions fall within the AWS Free Tier limits. You can apply to receive a $100 AWS promotional and an additional $100 afterwards. This makes it free for you to build and host most Alexa skills unlike your hosting server where you have to pay a subscription fee. AWS Lambda is a serverless compute service that lets developer code without worrying about provision and managing servers.

Yes, in-skill purchases a thing and many skill publishers are making money by providing premium features of a skill at a price.

Yes, you can make the skill to understand one or many languages. Amazon Alexa understands intent in most of the major languages.

Regions are a part of the AWS Global Cloud infrastructure. By selecting N. Virginia, you’re hosting AWS Lambda function on computers in that specific physical region. For Lambda functions for custom skills, you can pick. – Asia Pacific (Tokyo) – EU (Ireland) – US East (N. Virginia) – US West (Oregon)

An Amazon developers’ account is a great place to start.

Alexa for Business allows you to develop skills that are not published on Alexa Skills Store for everyone to enable rather cater to a sub set of people, for example, in an organization.

After we build your Alexa skill, we submit it for certification. If it passes certification, Amazon publishes it on Alexa Skills Store for anyone with an Alexa-enabled device to enable.

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