Mobile App Deep Linking

Mobile App Deep Linking is a uniform resource identifier (URI) that links to the specific page or the locations within a mobile application.  The purpose of the deep linking is to provide relevant information to the user and that can be done via E-mail, social media, push notification, SMS etc. It largely drives user engagement and improves user retention ratio.

Without deep links, URL’s can only direct users to the home screen but can’t direct to a particular content.  However, Deep linking has changed the way apps interacts with each other and seamlessly bridges the gap between websites and apps.

Deep links takes user to the app content from:

  • Website to App
  • App to App
  • Social Media to App
  • Search Result to App
  • Mobile Phone Search to App
  • Ad to App
  • E-mail to App
  • SMS to App

Various Types of Mobile App Deep Linking:

  • Traditional deep linking: Using your app’s URL, it directs users to a specific screen of your mobile app. But, it works only if the users have installed your app otherwise it will show the user an error page.
  • Deferred deep linking: This type of link doesn’t require the app to be downloaded on user’s phone. When the user taps the link, it will direct them to the app store or play store for downloading the app. On downloading the app, the user will be able to view the content.
  • Contextual deep linking: This type of link take user directly to the specific location or content; it also stores contextual information like who shared the link, the source from where it is shared, where the users want to go etc. This data helps in providing a personalized experience to the users with the appropriate content based on their preferences.

Benefits of Mobile App Deep Linking:

  • Drives Re-engagement

It may happen that, your users have installed the app but haven’t used it/ inactive for months. Here, push notifications can be used for promoting a special deal or relevant content in the app to bring back customers. Directing these users to the specific content they are looking for will improve the chance of becoming more active user. Including the deep link in your message encourage user to update the app or download a new feature or improve the chances of becoming an active user. Some of the past research states that, apps that have deep links, are likely to be visited a number of times compared to which have not.

  • Improves App Discoverability and Increases App Downloads

Let’s say, you have a website that drives a good number of visitors per day through but you are unable to drive visitors on your app although you’re putting all your efforts. If this is the scenario, you can get a mobile app deep linking installed for searches, your app will be displayed on the Google search result page. As Google indexes the mobile app deep links, the content appears in the search result similar to website. On clicking that link, users will be directed to install your app. This process can ultimately drive more number of installs to your mobile app, becomes easy for the new users to find the app and can engage users on the current platform.

  • Connect Two Apps

With deep linking, it is easy to establish a connection between two apps. Let’s say, if you have developed two e-commerce apps, one app deals with grocery products and other app is a lifestyle app that includes garments, accessories, décor items and much more. Once the user has completed buying grocery products, you can easily create a deep link and direct users to your other lifestyle app or vice-versa. Linking apps with each other can help you with increased customer-base, high revenue generation as well as cross-selling of products.

  • Provides Convenience in Content Promotion

A deep link enables to create link on the website, e-mails, social-media that directs to certain content in the app. It serves as a promotional tool which links back to your deal or newly launched product that you want to show-case to your customers. Rather than asking users to open up your app, when promoting app content, you can link them directly to the content you are promoting.

Brands Harnessing The Power Of Deep Linking

  • Zomato – When you search for any restaurant in Google, Zomato reviews are generally on the top results. When you click on that, it will ask you to download Zomato app (if not done) and then redirects you to restaurant page, which provides you with all the information that you are looking for. Moreover, when you click on the restaurant address, it will directly take you to the Google Map to show you direction; making the entire process of searching restaurant hassle-free.
  • Google Maps & Uber/Ola – When you search for the direction in the Google Maps, app provides the option of ‘finding ride service’. On taping that, app will ask you the option to opt for Uber/Ola and will tell you the estimated time to wait as well as the cost of reaching the destination. On tapping that, it connects you to Uber/Ola app and automatically inputs your destination information.

Wrapping it Up

Mobile app deep linking has certainly proved to be an important element in revenue generation and enhanced user experience. As competition is high in the mobile app ecosystem, it’s high time to get started with mobile app deep linking today. If done in a right way, it surely increases the profitability of the mobile app.

Haven’t stared App deep linking yet? It’s high time you get started now. Talk to our experts to get started on upgrading your mobile app.



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