Fashion PLM


The Client

Fashion PLM is a cloud-based product lifecycle management system for the apparel & footwear industry, aimed at start up companies and SMB’s, but also available to larger corporations. Taking care of the product life cycle is now as easy taking care of a trouser. With easy to use features & a simple aesthetic, Fashion PLM aids the daily business processes, while also reducing the administration tasks by up to 50%. It focuses on the management of a company’s bill of materials (BOM), product change management, and supplier collaboration.

Challenges & Goal

In this fast paced world, getting all the things done on time has become a nightmare. Each day professionals have to deal with deadlines and time crunches. In order to succeed businesses need to have a high integration of multiple business processes and accessibility of information everywhere and at any given time. This is more evident in the development and design of products than anywhere else. In the fashion industry new products are developed simultaneously and are being introduced on a continuous basis to match the demands of the varied consumer base. Information must be made available for the entire product life cycle, from design to manufacturing, and thereafter, to be accessed by various suppliers and internal departments.

This process is done manually by most apparel and footwear companies. For instance, once a garment is designed, its specifications is stored in several spreadsheets, design software and text documents – generating a large folder consisting various documents related to one garment which is then emailed or couriered to the suppliers. The brand then has to wait for the manufacturer to provide a cost estimate and physical product sample which means waste of time and more hierarchical procedures involved. In today’s world when fast delivery has become basis of a successful business, traditional manual ways of dealing things are prone to mistakes.

Before, this was considered as part of the cost of doing business but with the emergence of PLM systems, companies have started to realise its importance and are inclined towards using it.

The common issues that are faced by the fashion brands are
  • Loads of information on unique systems due to which sharing of data could not be done easily across various stakeholders resulting into high cost of ownership
  • Some old and outdated technologies makes it difficult for factories to work in partnership and share product information among groups
  • Due to lack of single repository for materials management, concerns related to data integrity and duplication of data arises.

Client wanted to solve the above problems and help manufacturers in capturing complete, accurate product data. They wanted to build PLM system that helps manufacturers share the product data with the internal teams and supply chain partners involved in designing, developing and building their products. The system that will allow for strategic collaboration across multi-vendor, multi-product type, customer-focused organization. It was earlier built using .NET & MySQL and was facing issues with performance and scalability. The client wanted to rebuild the entire platform using MEAN stack to improve user experience, reduce time to market in each sprint, and build a scalable architecture..

Fashion PLM – What Problems it Solves?

Today, product design teams must collaborate effectively to produce innovative products. Right from product ideation, product introduction as well as production, involvement from multiple departments is required. When multiple teams are working on the development of same product, product records have to be handled with special care.

The Product Lifecycle challenges that are solved by Fashion PLM system are

Lost or misplaced
Lack of integration between
CAD & a bill of materials (BOM)
Typos and Human
Revision errors
Communication errors
Multiple versions

Key Features

Organize & View Product Listings Quickly & Easily
  • List & browse products by season, product id, customer, license, supplier or by any other combination.
  • Quick & easy search capabilities.
  • Highly responsive and visually appealing.
Collaboration and Version Control
  • Centralized Tech-packs with version control accessible by all departments.
  • Real time updates to keep everyone on the same page.
  • Capture all specifications such as colors, sizes, graphics, graded measurement specs, full bill of materials.
  • Change logs for accurate auditing.
Track Samples with Ease
  • Request samples, track their status and enter comments with images.
  • Notify responsible suppliers of any rejections and request additional samples with modifications required.
  • Compare multiple suppliers, then craft, issue and supervise the RFQ process.
BOM Management
  • Detailed information about subassemblies and components managed in a single, undisrupted environment.
  • Create visual Bills of Materials (BOM) and manage variations.
  • Compare multiple BOMs simultaneously to monitor changes and revisions.
Efficient Product Conversations
  • Communicate with internal teams & with vendors.
  • Controlled information sharing with particular supplier.
  • Stay focused on delivery deadlines with discussion threads, instant notifications and messaging.
Price Negotiation
  • A bidding module where a company will post its requirements and various suppliers will bid on the Requirements.
  • Accept/Reject supplier’s bid.

Our Approach

TOPS Infosolutions developed a web application that enables companies and their partners to have a single cohesive development-to-production solution – from line planning, design and development to sourcing, price negotiations, production and distribution. The PLM system aggregates complete product record. The modules developed within the system enables all the stake-holders participate in the critical product processes to track revisions, quality, and compliance. The result is a single, unified product record that is accessible anytime, anywhere via a secure Cloud. The system makes sure that the internal teams of a company & its external partners always have access to the most current, complete product design.

Technical Excellence

Third Party Integrations
Cloud Services




Ginger is a powerful professional social networking application that enables proximity based connection with trusted professional contacts to exchange knowledge, ideas and opportunities. This application enables the user to see who is nearby, what industry they are in, skills they possess and whether they have any mutual connection with the new connection. Additionally, user can also refer their contact to someone for recommendations and vice-versa; they can also send instant messages to build genuinely useful professional contacts.The developed system helps users to get the most out of connecting with others, typically for professional reason.

Challenges & Goals

The client brought to us an innovative concept of simplifying the job finding & connecting with the professional people/colleagues/friends/contacts around the user. Client approached us to develop this social networking system which can make the certified connection with ease and must be highly proficient & engaging enough to attract new customers, providing a flawless way to navigate through the app. Before the start of the engagement, Ginger had an inefficient back-end code & outdated technology stack with several architectural & design problems. He also wanted us to optimize the app by adding more features for enhanced usability and user experience.


TOPS Infosolutions decided to develop developed Ginger – Social Networking System in MEAN stack loaded with extensive functionalities for enterprise-level organizations. The developed mobile app helped the professionals to connect the right person within their nearby range just by searching name, job role, skills etc. The team of TOPS used MongoDB database to provide new levels of scalability and availability which were previously unachievable with the MySQL database. A systematic approach was followed to analyze, organize and present the information in a clear and concise manner.

Key Features

Discover people around you

Connect with people based on where you live, work, visit and hangout frequently; whether the contacts are within your own company, prospects, suppliers, professionals or even a local plumber.

Powerful Filters and Search

Users can narrow down and filter their search by location, job role, industry, connections, skills and much more.

Referrals Galore

Introduction being the strongest part of new connection, this mobile app helps you to connect with new people using your existing network by asking them for peer recommendations. For instance: Do Stephen knows Mark? Swipe left for yes, right for no!

Instant messaging

In this busy world nobody is any more interested in formal boring emails. With Ginger, user can send instant messages to their contacts like request for meeting, invite someone to coffee etc.


Who cares if there are 1000 software companies in your city? You need to know which one fits your requirements and helps to get connected to that right person. By just telling whom you want to connect with and Ginger will use its data to find the right fit for you.

Instant Connections

Looking for some advice on digital marketing?’ Simply tell ginger what you want and it will send push notification to the experts in users’ vicinity to get instant connections and match you with verified, interested professionals.

User Interface

Consistent UI/UX across multiple devices and platforms. Clear clutter-free interface for better navigation and engagement

Technologies Stack

  • Native Android SDK
  • Native iOS SDK using Objective C
Third Party Libraries
Cloud Services



Spotlyte is an iOS mobile app and website that enables the user to find the best happy hours and daily specials near your vicinity across Chicago.

If the user is unfamiliar in the area and looking to find the meal nearby, Spotlyte can help to save big! This mobile app helps the user to find the locations that have happy hour or daily specials or top spots based on specific criteria with various filters integrated.

The developed mobile app is also integrated with the map which provides the ability to zoom in/out and when they change their position, new locations automatically loads up in the new map screen.

Challenges and Goals

With the popularization of happy hour concept, people are always keen to know which place around them is offering discounts. This trend has created buzz for the audience as they want to get all information in their vicinity within few seconds. So, the client wanted to focus on informing customers to the trendiest place during off-peak hours with some discounts at a certain pre-set time of the day. The client already had aggregated data from over 3700 locations entered manually for SEO purpose and accurate database of over 25000 daily specials and 2000 Top Spot locations from 25+ different categories. But, due to some issues with the functionalities, client approached TOPS Infosolutions to solve some specific requirements. To be precise, the client wanted to

  • Remain competitive and encourage customer loyalty
  • Target brand loyal customers
  • Reach new customers and lure former customers back
  • Increase traffic for the mobile app and website

TOPS, developed the mobile app that provided one stop shop to find happy hours specials and daily deals.

The Solution

The team of TOPS developed a mobile app that automatically displayed every location around the user to make decision on where to go. No-fuss and friendly search filters were added which includes item, day, time, mile, radius, price, top spot category and much more to let the customer know the best deals across the platforms near them.

Moreover, our experts made sure that user can
  • iconEasily determine location’s rating by color code heat maps
  • iconCheck Yelp reviews, make reservations on Open Table, order delivery on GrubHub
  • iconHave access to the direct link to each location’s website
  • iconPost and review comments, check-in, upload photo and rate their experience
  • iconTrack all the activities of favorite’s location and manage their profile
  • iconEasily locate the most popular Beer Gardens/RoofTops, BYOBS, Upcoming street festivals, Whisky/wine bars, Karaoke & Trivia spots, Game bars and more.
Apart from deals, business owners can claim their business by
  • Managing the online listing and presence by adding daily specials, happy hours, drinks, food item etc.
  • Promote their upcoming special events with great deals and offers
  • System enables to view the analytics on the dashboard

They can anytime edit the listing in-case of any error or wish to change any offerings. This mobile app is the win-win approach for owners, brands and customers as it enables the owners to earn high by investing less, business to promote their offers and customers an easy and always available way to get the best offers.

SEO Implementation

Deployment of critical SEO strategies to gradually improve performance on website on search engines

Meta-tags management
Search friendly URL
Dynamic number generation
Google Analytics Implementation

Deployment of critical SEO strategies to gradually improve performance on website on search engines

Attracts the attention of the customers
Helps their business to advertise and promote their products
Boosts repeat customers


This system enabled our client to manage the happy hours with ease hence, he was able grow the customer base by simply concentrating more on marketing efforts. The client was able to manage reports, track the number of deals purchased, & control a website & mobile app with the secured login and much more. The client was easily able to collect data which helped to analyze business performance quickly & empowered them to come up with the better strategic decisions.

The developed system (iOS mobile app and website) had easy to use interface and provided a unique solution to solve all the problems of finding deals in Chicago at the nearest location. System exactly worked the same that client wished for & was able to come up with the profitable business

Technology Stack

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