If you are a mobile software business owner and want to stay on top of the market competition, it is time for you to comply with the industry demands and create efficient and user-friendly apps. While Android app development can come across as a measure to capture a large share of the market, iOS app development is the most efficient way to monetize your application. So what should be your next step? Hire an iOS programmer! But before we discuss that, you must first understand the technology that goes behind iOS app development.

Which Technology is Used for App Development?

If you are a developer and are reading this, you must understand that as dynamic as the mobile software industry is – it demands technology that is quick-evolving too. Several technologies are used for iOS app development with the top six being XCode, AppCode, CodeRunner, Flutter, BuildFire, and AppiePie.

If you are a business owner and are looking to hire a freelance iOS developer, you know that you are looking for a candidate who is proficient in these technologies.

So what should you be looking for when you are hiring dedicated iOS app developers? Professionals who are aware of the following iOS App Development trends which are the future!

iOS App Development Trends That Are the Future!

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the future. They are now a part of our daily lives more than ever! If you are looking to hire a dedicated iOS app developer for your business, your candidate should be aware of trends such as speech recognition, renewed algorithms of Siri, accurate analysis of online behavior of the user, optimizing search processes, and integrating them into the app.

  • Internet of Things

From logistics to the agriculture sector, IoT has revolutionized the lives of internet users. For iOS app developers, it is critical to integrate IoT as there are already applications that can help in identifying heart diseases, facilitate remote control of home theatres and even water supply in homes, and control farms and plantings directly from a tablet or phone. The future is of those who can top these inventions and use IoT to deliver new-generation conveniences.

  • Augment Reality and the ARKit

Snapchat and Pokemon Go are apps that have made the augmented reality even more desirable. Apple offers the ARKit 3 that offers augmented reality experiences to its users. These apps consume a lot of energy and hence are compatible only with the latest devices by Apple. Going forward, it is expected that apps that offer apps that expand the capabilities of the device, provide the improved illusion, and facilitate sharing of experience will be in demand. This is a trend that new-age developers need to be aware of and be ready in terms of skills. If you are looking to hire dedicated iOS developers, this is a factor that you should bear in mind.

  • ApplePay

For the iOS platform, the Apple Pay trend is something that iOS developers will have to be mindful of. Currently, the strengths of this technology include the freedom of usage anywhere, high security, and 24/7 availability even when the user is not carrying their card with them. If you are hiring a freelance iOS App Developer, look for an enterprising individual who can create or improvise on the ApplePay trend.

  • Cloud Integrated iOS Apps

Apple introduced iCloud in 2011 and there have been multiple upgrades to it since then which have improved its utility and functionality. In the future, app developers have to look at upgrades that allow cheaper development that brings about a price drop. Furthermore, scalability and safety upgrades are features that are expected out of Apple’s Cloud Integration trend.

  • iBeacon

iBeacon is a new trend in mobile application development that is changing the game in the marketing space. This iBeacon app is expected to bring out a revolution in sales strategies and is especially beneficial for the art sector.

  • ChatBot

Chatbots are not a new application but their functionality is evolving with time. The expected outcomes from the ChatBot trend is that it will increase throughput by expanding reach among customers, self-service for customers, and providing 24/7 availability.

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