Magento is a widely held open-source CMS popularly used for improving E-commerce stores. The platform is flexible, and it helps develop a feature-rich online store and provides an enjoyable shopping experience to the customers. Nevertheless, limitations are there in the default versions of Magento 1 and Magento 2. The solution lies in its extensions. 

Several businesses are venturing online, and they all have dissimilar requirements. Sometimes it is possible that the extensions may fail to meet the exact requirements. But you can always choose Custom Magento Extension Development service!

Tops Infosoutions is a Magento development company in the USA that provides an extensive range of Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions that can effectively work for several store functionalities. Hire our Magento certified developers who are available around the clock for your custom Magento module development. The custom Magento development service consists of building Magento 1 or Magento 2 extensions as per your business necessities. Discuss with our experts on your idea or the specific functionality that you wish to incorporate in the store and watch it happen! Our team will assure the rest.

Magento extension can support you in the store’s administration, fasten up your website processing, improvise the customer experience, scale up the social likes and shares. It can also help grow your sales, integrate the payment gateway you choose to have and make sure you have a secure online shopping platform for your customers. It has the capability to transform your regular E-commerce store into the top and most visited go-to option for online shopping with custom features. 

Benefits of Custom Magento Module Development

A Magento extension is an add-on that is built on a purpose exclusively for the default Magento 2.0 platform. The extensions allow users to integrate preferred features unavailable in the Magento platform’s native version. There are several free and paid extensions accessible from many developers that one can use to tailor a Magento store. However, if a prevailing extension doesn’t meet your distinctive requirements, then a Magento extension development expert can custom build an extension depending on your needs.

Here are some of the advantages that a custom Magento development can offer.

  • It can automate many administrative tasks with custom features like order management, payments, shipping, etc.
  • Visitors can navigate the store easily with a custom layout of the store’s frontend. It can improve the search engine visibility with enhanced metadata control and other factors that are not provided by Magento 1 or Magento 2 default versions.
  • It can perform secure online payments by utilizing Magento Payment Gateway Integration services.
  • Enhanced sales with better-quality features
  • Drives more relevant traffic to your website with SEO extensions.
  • It can tweak product search with a custom solution for superior results.
  • It can add social media sharing buttons to increase more website traffic.
  • Checkout extensions can prevent the risk of losing customers before they finish their checkout.

Different Magento Extensions for Different Businesses 

Every single business requires a different extension to back its needs. They are leveraging the benefits of Magento as a platform and extending the native functionalities can liftoff eCommerce store. Magento allows its users to incorporate custom-made extensions for any eCommerce business model, aiding the business seamlessly. 

We develop customized Magento modules and extensions and make sure that they align well with your needs. We ensure that the business requirements are crystal clear, and our team ensures that the planned extension matches faultlessly with your business and Magento’s core functionalities. Having wide-ranging experience in developing frontend and back-end extensions for Magento, your website can be feature-filled and have a promising future when you choose us.

Why choose Tops’ Custom Magento Extension Development Service?

  • We have a well-experienced pool of Magento Certified Developers in the field
  • We perform an in-depth analysis of the extension requirement.
  • We make sure of the extension compatibility irrespective of the updates in the future. 
  • We have a global clientele presence across the world.
  • Our testing team offers accurate quality testing. 
  • Prompt delivery of the module developed.
  • Around-the-clock assistance and support.
  • We ascertain that your business data remains confidential.

Final Thoughts

With the vision of bringing every eCommerce dreams into a workable reality and with a vast record of development achievements for our clients, our Magento certified developers are keen on developing the apt module for your business. Our extensions meet Magento code, standards, & security audits for a faultless solution. Contact us for development services, third-party integration, or customization services.

Are you looking to grow your eCommerce store’s default store functionality from the top Magento Development Company in the USA? Then reach out to our experts now!


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