Angularjs to ReactJS migration

A common problem that most businesses face is that, when they grow bigger and wish to scale up their applications, they’re stuck. With the constant advances in Javascripts and its related frameworks have made it possible to create more improved code writing. Angularjs and react are widely popular in usage in many companies due to their benefits. A requirement that we faced a couple of months ago, our team faced a similar challenge.

The struggle is for real when you to scale up a more extensive User Interface built in Angular. We needed something to upgrade better. Our team came up with React after all the necessary groundwork and brainstorming sessions.

Why go for Angularjs to React migration?

AngularJS to React Migration analogy
Angular has its own rules to abide by for a developer to work with, whereas React gives the developer the freedom in terms of design and code architecture. React is a javascript library for developing user interfaces and is significantly simple with a quick learning curve. React too enables code reuse, but they operate in unidirectional data binding way. The virtual DOM of React is very engaging and less likely for errors. Debugging is also much more comfortable when compared to Angular, despite its latest updations. React did work out for us. It is much flexible while working with other javascript frameworks, whereas Angular is a bit withdrawn.

The convenience factor and the time-saving aspects of React prove to be beneficial for angular to react migration. React is faster than the AngularJS application. For example, Angular 1 takes almost 5000ms to execute JavaScript code in the browser. But React takes under 1000ms.

How does it benefit?

  • A faster framework would take very little time to wait for elements to render in the DOM. Thus you get a quicker, more responsive website. Also, it is SEO friendlier to boot depending on quick page load time. Server-rendering for SEO is essential to get the maximum benefit from React.
  • Re-architecting the application with React is possible as it delivers the View of the MVC (Model View Controller framework) model.
  • React being backward compatible is another added advantage to the developers.
  • React code closely resembles pure JavaScript without JSX. It relies on the principles of functional programming and so the developers can better themselves with the new exposure to stylish code writing.

The migration process takes time, and it is not immediate. The bigger the project, the longer it takes, and that is good. Sometimes, you don’t need to migrate the entire project, and partial transfer also does the job. There are no tools to perform auto migration, but you can hire Angularjs to React migration developers from us. You can take a look at the CV’s of skilled professionals before you hire Angular developers. Call us to know more: +91-7575000269


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