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If you are wondering which reliable and robust front-end framework to choose between AngularJS and React, then you have reached the right page. When it comes to front-end development, there are many frameworks available with excellent features. It tends to be trying some times to choose the right one for your project. Both AngularJS and React are JavaScript’s most popular and sought-after frameworks. Developers find them very handy for developing websites and web applications.

Let’s break them apart and analyze which one to go for and will AngularJS to React migration be the solution to your requirement.

AngularJS is open-source based on HTML and JavaScript useful for front-end operations. It is a structural framework maintained by Google for dynamic web application development. It possesses abstraction over code, and hence it proves to be more comfortable for the developers.

Why go for AngularJS?

AngularJS offers many advantages over other JavaScript front-end frameworks. They are as follows.

  • Highly Responsive and Scalable
  • Provides advantageous and outstanding programming methodology
  • Convenient Dependency Injection
  • Comprehensive and Speedy Development
  • Extremely secure web app development

About React In A Nutshell

React is a strong JavaScript library maintained by Facebook, which is most sought out for building interactive User Interfaces. It is a useful tool for creating front-end UI elements like search bars, buttons, various menus, and many others. The best part for why developers prefer React is that it takes less code and less time during development. Also, it has excellent developer community support.

AngularJS to React Migration

The reasons why developers prefer to migrate from Angular to React are;

  • The complexity of Angular is high and challenging to learn, while it is simple with React.
  • The virtual DOM manipulation of React is very appealing. It is less susceptible to errors; debugging also is quick and easy.
  • Angular is very opinionated and less flexible while working with typically other frameworks. Whereas, React is very much flexible and goes well while working with other JavaScript libraries and frameworks

Given below is the table of significant features of both AngularJs and React JS.

Angular JS React JS
Abstraction Weak Strong
Opinionating Strong Weak
Learning curve Steep and difficult Gentle and quick
DOM manipulation Regular DOM Virtual DOM
Mobile development Requires third party framework installation Supports all native mobile app development through React native

How To Hire React Developers?

When it comes to hiring for your React migration projects, finding the right resource is essential. There are some critical skills that you need to watch out for before hiring ReactJS developers.

Major Skillset:

  • Proficiency in Angular and React
  • Expertise in Vanilla JavaScript
  • Experience with modular programming
  • Handled open-source projects
  • Experience in migrating projects from Angular to React

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