Google action is a technological sensation that is present ubiquitously from your home services to reach your customers in business. It is a voice-activated speaker powered by Google Assistant that has many capabilities for the best customer experience by exclusive customizations.

Take a look at some of the full applications in various business fronts that might apply to your business, or at least provoke your imagination.

Listed questions and answers (FAQs)– The most apparent situation is where the knowledge sharing and answering questions about your services or products is done by an FAQ bot like Pringles, Visa Guru.

Online Orders— Placing an order at the cafe place, pizza hub, booking a cab, or even flowers is now something you can do quickly! Some of the popular ones are Uber, Starbucks, Domino’s Pizza, 1–800-Flowers.

Making Reservations— Dining, activities, entertainment, beauty, and fitness — the Reserve with Google service enables your consumers to schedule appointments. There are also many services currently that provide appointment scheduling facilities. You can use whichever is suitable to allow your client’s land to your business without you having to write the actions. Some Examples are TripAdvisor, MINDBODY, Appointy, Tiqets, Booksy.

To Buy— By using only your voice or screen interface, you can buy groceries, tickets, and what not! These Businesses might ring a bell, Asda, Fred Meyer, Ticketmaster, Fandango, eBay.

Providing Information— Booking flights or checking status, the weather or movie recommendations, directions, latest news, and updates can be done on the go using voice interface. Examples are Singapore Airlines, World Air Quality Index, AccuWeather, Itcher.

Prompt Customer service— A virtual assistant can help your call center, staff, or even banking system in some of their duties, like Bank of America, AGL, Mr. Spring, U. S. Bank.

To-Do Lists and notes— to make shopping lists, calendars, work trackers, notes, and reminders, Google Assistant can be the fastest and most effortless way to complete your note-keeping. Widely used examples: Todoist, Evernote, Trello, Timesheets Companion.

Instructions— You can give instructions on almost everything to your users. The most commonly searched would probably be cooking guides and workouts sequences. But assistant can quickly assist you with swift, hands-free guides for even hair coloring/makeup or newborn care. Here are some Businesses in this segment: Tasty, Fitness Buddy, Clairol Color Expert, Johnson’s.

Multimedia— You can select your music, play, and control your audio and video streaming services. Moreover, you can choose from audiobooks, children’s stories, background music, or even meditation! Best Examples: Spotify, Netflix, YouTube, Google Play, Disney, StoryCastle, Headspace.

Communication & Social media— Emails can be quickly sent and received, adding posts on your social app, or even find a date is now much more comfortable with the voice-activated assistant. Best Examples are WhatsApp, Twitter, Viber, Sonus Mail, Only One.

Location— Finding the restaurants nearest to you, branch offices, wedding banquets, hospitals, events happening, or dog shelter, all you have to do is write the specified action that directs clients towards your business. Some of whom you can draw inspiration are Petfinder, OCBC Bank, MetLife Hipster Cat, Sunfish Events.

Smart home— Voice becomes the most natural interface to control your smart home appliances like lighting, entertainment systems, heating, cleaning robots, and more. But it doesn’t cease here with home smart devices. Many automobile brands, like Mercedes, or Volvo, give integrations that enable users to verify fuel levels or control heating remotely.

What you have read is just a glimpse of what you can do with Google Assistant voice communication. If you can think of any scenario within your service where users can interact with your business, it is a burning issue waiting to be addressed!

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