Why On-demand Services needs Mobile App?

by TOPS Infosolutions December 11, 2017
On-demand mobile app

By 2020, the number of smart phone users is expected to reach 2.87 billion, providing a huge opportunity to catch on-demand service with real-time supply.

We live in a digital era, where mobile apps have streamlined our communication and act as a magic wand to help us get desired services right at the doors. Whether it is buying grocery or electronics, booking services from personal care to home cleaning, cab booking and much more; mobile apps have just simplified our lives and everything is available by few taps on the mobile screen.

But does on-demand business needs mobile apps?

Every business is exclusive and so, requires exclusive solution to cater the requirements of customers. Today when customer is too busy to reach out to you, you need to reach them and make it effortless for them to connect with you. That’s the only way to hike-up your sales and that’s the reason on-demand mobile app development services have created buzz in the IT market. The best examples for on-demand business are Uber, NetFlix, AirBnB etc. which have created niche in the market space by revolutionizing the customer behavior and changing the way people consume on-demand services.

But, what is on-demand mobile app all about?

In the simplest term, it is the process of developing custom mobile apps which can easily and effortlessly meet the stand alone needs of the customer. With the successful on-demand business model and a user-friendly mobile based platform, you have the secret formula for making it big.

Some of the important features that must be incorporated include:

  • Easy to use interface keeping the user updated with the latest hips and happenings
  • Enables users to add new services, delete, edit existing one etc.
  • Simplified order-tracking and delivery management
  • Online payment system with security for the hassle-free transaction
  • Tutorials, FAQ’s and online help to resolve queries.
  • Use of geo fencing, GPS and navigation
  • Auto filling address using social media accounts

The use on-demand is on the rise, so the right features must be integrated and all the susceptible path must be looked for in order to enjoy highly extensible and useful mobile applications. If done in a proper way, these apps will surely add value to your business making it more dynamic.

The major benefits of having on-demand mobile app are:-

  • Provides more value to the customer: On-demand mobile app increases engagement with the customers which helps to promote sales and it ultimately provides high value to the customers so that they don’t look around for other service provider. There are many on-demand brands that use mobile apps to leverage the business by offering the loyalty and rewards points to the app users. For instance: Uber provides free ride for the people who are using Uber service for the first time by applying promo code. Thus mobile app will eventually motivate the customers to buy their products!
  • Help build a strong brand: The more your audience trusts you, the more likely they will listen to your sales pitches and even will commit to your brand. With the mobile app, you can show your audience the reasons to trust you by showing what your brand stands for as it provides easy way to showcase your products. Whenever they want, they can just use it as one-stop point to get all information they need and when you update the content, you can also provide the glimpse of your offers and this excites the interests of the customers and prospects to check out your updates regularly which ultimately builds a strong brand.
  • Boosts profits: Increase in the customer satisfaction is directly proportional to the increase in sales. The more interested and pleased your customers are with your products and services, the greater customer demand will grow. And if you have the business model that customers longs for, then demand is going to provide you some serious outcomes and that’s where mobile app comes into rescue. As your visibility increases and your prospects can painlessly place orders or reach you easily- you will be surprised to see the increase in the app engagement.
  • Open doors to the unlimited business opportunities: Just think, if you have the access to database of the users containing names, contact numbers, e-mails, preferences, interests etc. you can gel up with your audience in much better way. Also it helps to formulate strategies based on the data collected through the mobile app.

Is on-demand mobile app fruitful for your business?

On-demand service is not going anywhere and it is up to you to decide how you can adopt it. But one thing you must note that, on-demand mobile app is a leveraging solution that can be deployed for almost business from taxi booking to meal delivery as it is a platform that knots the user-generated demands at one place.

The bottom line

Earning trust for on-demand mobile app is crucial and it all depends on how conveniently, quickly and efficiently customers would be able to place their orders, schedule delivery, track, pay and review. The waiting time between order and delivery will be the huge deciding factor!

If you are looking to develop an app for your on-demand business, you can always consult mobile app development company or reach out the industry experts for guidance or advice. Remember customer always looks for flexibility, responsiveness and personalization and you must be prepared to satisfy the needs in order to grow your business.

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