Node.js for Scalable Apps

Choosing the apt language for web or mobile application development is indeed a challenge. Any software development company would suggest going with the framework of their proficiency. But what really should be the choice of development language must be based on the client’s requirement. Choosing the wrong language or choosing an advanced language for a simple requirement results in losing a lump sum of money.

Node.js is indeed a popular scripting language for backend development. It is scalable, fast, and more secure than many other languages used for developing web applications. So when exactly can we go with Node.js and when not to? It is wise to consult a technology expert before giving a heads up for development. We offer Node.js development services, and in addition to that, we can help you with finding the right technology for your web development requirements.

For a simple garment sector website development, which has to display the product varieties, less secure and economic language is sufficient for development. But whereas for complex development requirements, a more secure coding is required. We can use Node.js in development for the following cases.


Node.js handles numerous concurrent requests and asynchronous processing. Examples are Wearables like Fitbit which has an Arduino controller that incorporates with Node.js.

Real-time Chats

Presence of Event API functionality and exceptional WebSocket support. Thus, it’s simple to implement server-side events and push notifications for instant messaging within fewer lines of code. The best example is Whatsapp.

Complicated SPA

Asynchronous data flow ensures smooth data transmission. It uses the same language, i.e., javascript compatibility, that enforces less context switching. Few giant users are LinkedIn, Netflix.

Real-time Collaboration Tools

Node.js is highly withstanding because handling multiple I/O operations by various users is possible without server hanging issues. Trading platforms and social networking sites are excellent examples.

Streaming Applications

native Stream API enables partial program download and rest to be stored in the background. It can be retrieved from the server later as per user request. Here most of the command received is from user end like Netflix.

Microservice Architecture

Enables multi-server linking, simplifying into multiple processes, and enables multiple teams to work without affecting the entire application. The best user is Paypal.

So, many big shots in the industry, such as Walmart, Trello, and even NASA, are functioning with Node.js development services. These companies are only a minor part of the significant companies that explore and utilize Node.js due to its endless possibilities when it comes to complex web development services.

So When Not To Go With Node.js Development?

  • Inconsistent API – There are frequent updations and changes in Node.js API. Often the changes are backward-incompatible and hence tricky for developers to make changes according to the latest version.
  • Might slow down work – developers have to write code from scratch during migration. Still, it might pose a significant threat if there is an internal code maintenance system.
  • Difficult to find trustable tools – due to its npm registry and open-source, many third-party tools lack to render the expected output.

So, for dynamic applications, complex functionalities, and for handling multiple server requests, one may boldly go with Node.js development services. We are a top software development company and offer Node.js development services for all kinds of businesses in addition to other programming languages. For more information, contact our technology experts at: +1 408-400-3737.


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