Node.js for Scalable Apps

The first and foremost challenge in any web application development is choosing the right language. Instead of going with the framework in which the web development company is proficient, it is best to choose the development language based on your requirement. It is crucial because going with the wrong language or an advanced language for a simple requirement can lead to a massive loss of money.

Node.js is a widely-used scripting language, especially for backend development. It offers significant perks such as low time-to-market, dynamic Node.js web applications development, greater agility, and excellent support for highly functional mobile apps development, to mention a few. Node.js is scalable, fast, and very secure.

When to choose Node js?

For simple website development, it needs to display the product varieties, be less secure, and need an economically sufficient programming language for development. But when it comes to complex development requirements, more secure coding should be preferred like Node.js.
Node.js finds its application in the following scenario.

  • IoT
    Node.js handles multiple concurrent requests and asynchronous processing. E.g., FitBit.
  • Real-time Chats
    Event API functionality and excellent WebSocket support enable the simple implementation of server-side events and push notifications for instant messaging using few code lines. Ex: Whatsapp.
  • Complicated SPA
    Asynchronous data flow promotes flawless data transmission. It uses the same JavaScript language to help in less context switching. Ex: LinkedIn, Netflix.
  • Real-time Collaboration Tools
    Node.js is highly withstanding as it manages multiple I/O operations by several users without server slowdown problems. It’s apt for Trading platforms and social networking sites.
  • Streaming Applications
    Native Stream API helps fractional program download. The rest is stored in the background and can be fetched later when the user requests it.
  • Microservice Architecture
    Enables multi-server linking, simplifying into several short processes, and helps multiple teams to work without bringing many changes to the entire application.

Advantages of Node.js for Web App Development

Node.js for Web Application Development

Node.js offers multiple benefits in terms of expediting the development processing, offering simplified solutions, and many more. Take a look at the following,

Use of single language

Node.js uses one language, JavaScript, on both front-end and backend. Thus the development cycle becomes easy and less time-consuming. Also, fewer resources are sufficient, which decreases much of your overhead cost.

Perform fast operations

Event-driven, non-blocking asynchronous I/O model of Node.js handles a large volume of requests from the web and other networks. An asynchronous task is linked to the event loop, a single-threaded loop, and the call back function. Then the rest of the program is executed. On completion of asynchronous operations, the event loop returns to the task and runs call back. Moreover, Reading/writing to the network connection, file system, and database are executed swiftly.

Node Package Manager Increases code reusability

As Node.js is an open-source technology, it has the code repository and comes with every Node.js installation. It includes more than 350,000 packages for creating effective web solutions. Node.js developers can easily access, update, share, and reuse relevant codes. Working on the core applications has never been easier.

Data Streaming

Node.js possess the capabilities of data streaming, which transfers by breaking a large amount of data into manageable chunks. These data chunks consume less memory and prevent slow- down of the device.
Real-time applications – Node.js is ideal for developing real-time applications like chat apps, games, and chatbots because of event-driven architecture. It accepts large requests and has plug-ins that implement a web-socket protocol. Thus two-way communication channels between client and server become seamless, and the performance of the applications holds well even during a traffic surge.

Final Thoughts

PayPal, Uber, Netflix, Walmart, Trello are some of the Brands that are functioning with Node.js development services. Node.js has increased the standards for web app development, and it has become the go-to technology for both start-ups and enterprises alike. If developing a next-gen enterprise app is what you are looking for, then Node.js is the best shot.

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