Magento 2 for E-commerce Development

Magento is the leading e-Commerce platform used for building online stores and is considered as a flexible, high performing and scalable solution with out of the box functionality.  The reason Magento 1 was so popular is that users can create stores with a variety of functions using pre-made extensions or by utilizing their coding chops. To fill in the gaps of Magento 1, Magento 2 was released that completely revamped the existing platform with the latest development practices for the overall growth of the e-commerce websites.

Let’s see some of the traits for considering Magento 2 for e-commerce development.

From Business Perspective


Usability is one of the important advantages of Magento 2 that can help you in developing a full-fledged e-commerce website. You need to make navigation easy that can be well handled by users. The route needs to be attractive and for that Magento 2 provides tools or extensions at the backend like automation and management orders, sales and shipping, inventory, reporting etc. which are easy to use and makes the experience useful for the backend users. These modules are created to provide comprehensive functionality for Magento UI and UX improvements and provide more advantage compared to the previous version.

Optimization Capability

Amongst the e-commerce platforms, Magento 2 is the most powerful platform in terms of SEO.  Your site needs to rank high and look attractive on Search Engine Land and Magento 2 helps to do so. Magento features a range of default options to create a SEO-friendly website. Magento 2 helps to set Meta description, Meta keywords and title of a product dynamically and also enables to define product Meta tags with product attributes and predefined templates. The product Fields auto-generation feature helps to set templates for products metadata and it’s a real breakthrough as it was a problem for big stores with thousands of products.

Multi Language Support

For Global expansion, it is important for store owners to provide options for displaying the content in different languages based. Magento 2.0 supports around 80 different languages as well as has multi-currency support. It is easy to bifurcate customers, orders, templates, catalogs and domains according to the language and provides different front-ends from the same admin panel. If the language that you wish to develop is not available, you can achieve native language translations using a couple of extensions that are readily available.

Responsive Design

The responsive design is indispensable for every modern web-store as people usually browse the web with their mobile devices. Responsive web design is all about using HTML and CSS to automatically resize a website to make it look good on tablets and smart phones. Magento 2 offers the opportunity to have a responsive design for the seamless user experience across the screens. It also provides cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility which makes it an ideal platform.

From End-Users’ Perspective


Today, customers look for the information, recommendation and offers that are as per their interests. To cater to this need Magento 2 offers personalization tools that businesses can take advantage of. Magento 2 provides the tools for the tracking shopper’s behavior, their preferences and browsing history. Based on this data, it is easy for the marketers to offer them highly personalized experiences during online shopping. By using Magento 2 for E-commerce Development, store owners can identify and create target groups using customer’s purchasing behavior which helps to increase conversion rate and enhance shopping experience for the loyal customer base.

Advanced Search

Today, online shopper makes use of the search feature extensively and it has become an integral part of e-commerce websites. Magento 2 provides filtered search and faceted search which shows all the products that match the criteria set by the customers. By choosing Magento 2 for e-commerce development you can,

  • Search product as its name regardless of the exact orders of the words
  • Flexible Ajax and auto-complete search function
  • Search by product attribute
  • Search by category
  • Expand searching result

Simplified Check-out

Magento 2 aims to reduce shopping cart abandonment rate and increase conversion rate. Magento 2 allows merchants to customize the checkout steps. It provides extensions that are extremely modular and enables the customers to place orders rapidly and without any hassles.

From Developers’ Perspective

Open Source

With Magento 2 for e-ecommerce development, developers get to access templates, extensions, modules, widgets, documentations, training and consulting services etc. offered by Magento 2 community and build user-centric webstores. Magento 2.0 comes with all the benefits that an open-source platform should possess.

Enhanced Admin Interface

Magento 2 has an updated admin interface which is more user-friendly, intuitive and easy to navigate. It is designed to reduce the time consumed in managing orders, categories, products and pages. The new admin interface enables to browse important business information of the companies and product creation is easier with faster import capabilities.


Speed is one of the primary requirements that developers and users look for. Magento 2 provides 20% more speed compared to Magento 1.x versions. Using Magento 2 for e-commerce development will result into:

  • Processing up to 39% more orders per hour
  • Delivering nearly instant server response time for catalog browsing
  • Enabling up to 66% faster add-to-cart server response times
  • Providing up to 51% faster end-to-end checkout times.


Magento 2 is more secured than previous versions because of the changes in the structure of directories in the source. The previous version had nine folders in the root, but Magento 2 came up with the only 5 folders, and it has removed skin folder from the root directory. The JS, SKIN, ERROR, etc. folders shifted to a new directory called “Pub.” This change in the structure has made Magento 2 more secured.


As eCommerce is getting more and more popular, it’s important for online stores to get equipped with modern features and functionalities to meet customer expectations. Magento 2 aces it with features including speed, flexibility, security, and user experience.

Want to build a new online store with Magento 2? or Looking to upgrade the existing one? Get in touch with us today. Our expert team of Magento developers will dive deep to explore the hidden treasure of Magento 2 for you.


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