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“Recently, I, along with my mates, was having a gala time in watching Super Bowl – the annual championship game of National Football League. Watching Pittsburgh Steelers pleasing the NFL Super Bowl was like beholding an olden time. But, in such scenarios, we skipped our dinner time and no one was in mood to get out and stalk for food. Suddenly, one of my friend bumped up aloud ‘Cheese Hamburger … anyone’? Our silence turned into affirmation and again she shouts – 15 minutes guys… dinner will be held before ceremony starts’. And I was like ‘what heck you just did? She simply replied ‘Zomato app girl; ‘this just doesn’t stop here, she sent me a link on WhatsApp and asked me to add referral code to avail discounts. I am like, ‘Cool… Sounds great buddy!!!’

This is the magic of on-demand apps!!!

Living in a digital world, everyone is busy in their tight work schedules, difficult to find time to get everything we want. Before internet, Smartphone and mobile apps, people had to pull themselves to diverse stores to buy their preferred products. But today, as we have moved out of traditional times and with the arrival of on-demand apps, it has now become moderately easier to get everything delivered at your doorstep.

As per the Harvard Business Reports, the on-demand economy is attracting more than 22.4 million consumers annually in $57.6 billion spending. All these on-demand services includes retail services, freelance services, home services, transportation, food & grocery, health services, and other similar services.

Do you think trend of on-demand apps will fade away? The answer is BIG NO!!!

This new list of on-demand app-based services is making the lives of urban elites more ingenious by offering convenience:

  • From cleaning your home to make your everyday laundry
  • From gratifying beauty services to amazing photography
  • From dog sitter to baby sitter
  • From pizza delivery to Liquor
  • From home decoration to maintenance services

Hence, many entrepreneurs are keen to invest in such services that can meet the expectations of customers within their price range as well as can be easily available to them at their convenience. Considering Uber or AirBNB – the top on-demand services company, strives to carve out niche out of traditional market space.

On-demand business model has a remarkable goal – to complete a customer’s demand with instant providing of goods and services. The on-demand apps are giving curve to millions of entrepreneurs and have taken over several industries. With a winning on-demand business model merged with a user friendly mobile based platform, you have the secret blueprint for building millions of dollar.

The sole key is to take the on-demand services to large number of audience and below tactics can help you to do the same.

  • An undisturbed User Interface

It is said “First impression is last impression” and this is definitely true for mobile applications as well! The USP of any mobile app is simple and easy user experience which must be the sole goal for any appreneur. To simplify let’s consider on-demand apps in retail industry – Amazon, eBay etc. It is integrated with:-

  1. Cart information on every page
  2. Options to remove product from the cart
  3. Showing related products
  4. Filter option to choose the products based on personal choice
  5. Integrated with various third party payment gateways

Easy navigation in mobile app will help users to fetch information easily and since it is transparent, it will urge the users and clients to trust you which will ultimately help to grow the business.

  • Talk with the customer and ask for feedback

It is very crucial to have regular touch with the user of the mobile app, as the customer feedback can make or break your business. With on-demand apps you can send promos, offers, discounts which help to keep them hooked. Seamless communication helps in handling their queries or accepting their feedback which is the stepping stone for an on-demand business model.

To collect feedback:-

-You need to track the right metrics

-Use In-App Net Score Promoter surveys

-Savvy Support Communities

-List the app in some Feedback websites

-Call to Action on every page

-Regular updates of app and other social media handles

  • Personalization and Customization

Undoubtedly, personalization in on-demand apps is always appreciated by the users. Offering the personalization settings evidently is a win-win situation as the customer will simply pick up your app over other similar apps. Flexible settings like dashboard, color, themes, fonts, and sizes will help the customer to build up a positive emotion towards the app and will unquestionably prefer and refer the app. Customization enables the users craft their personal choices about what they crave to see, or locate preferences for how information is prepared or displayed. This ultimately enhances user experience because it enables the users to control their interaction.

For instance: Zomato – A food ordering app

  • Zomato immediately lets the user know this page is personalized for them
  • Personal Hello and link to the user’s account
  • Understands the user’s location and shows the nearby location
  • A list of places, users have been there, followers, photos etc. everything is personalized

The rise of these companies has shaped a competitive market which resulted into remodeling the slow-moving industries with the technological innovation. Take into consideration some of the ground transportation, laundry, grocery, and food industries. These industries are the leading examples of how mobile app technology redefined these industries with the advent of the on-demand apps and the efforts of mobile app developers. Here, the large part of the growth is because of how the application of new technology added value to the already existing infrastructure.

Major factors creates niche for on-demand apps market:

  • Ease –People look for services that they find suitable and that can deliver quickly
  • Nearby accessibility–They have a preference to get the services within their reach to access it quickly
  • Value of product –Fast and excellent services triumph the expectation of people
  • Cost-efficiency –Product and services must meet the affordability of common people to become more popular
  • Swift and Easy Payment Mode –Trouble-free payment option increases the user experience in buying products or services, gratifyingly
  • Awareness of Services –People should be aware about the convenience of on-demand services in order to increase its reach among people.

How on-demand apps will impact your business?

On-demand economy is here to stay for long. The time people spend on the mobile apps depends on the kind of experiences they get and their interests. Additionally, customer does expect a personalized experience, which is why on-demand apps development is a trend that every appreneur needs to pay attention to. However, you must also analyze your competitors and make sure your mobile app provides the services in more simple way for the users to purchase them.

Being, one of the best on-demand mobile app development company, TOPS Infosolutions is aware of all technical aspects and their implementation which is important for crafting out of box on-demand apps. Having years of experience in developing on-demand apps in various domains, we would strive to provide you business on mobile to give your customers ease and convenience.


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