Most CRM solutions are designed to manage all typical application scenarios. However, customization brings out more value from your CRM tool by fitting it to your specific business needs. To understand clearly how customized CRM software can help to achieve your business goals, we have furnished a few of the available CRM customization opportunities on a common basis, including the benefits that can be expected by making use of them.

Entities and fields

A CRM entity is like an information bit encapsulated as an object. The main intent of these objects is to represent prospects, leads, customers, and other interactional entities as a business. By defining custom entities, you can develop specific strategies for handling customers based on their position within a sales funnel.

You can further customize entities through fields. Most predefined CRM entities come with a default set of fields, such as name, email address, etc. Removing unnecessary fields and adding custom ones will allow you to classify your customers more efficiently.


Entities and fields are placeholders for information about your customers. And the way to provide this information is through means of forms. CRM forms permit entering text, choosing items from a drop-down menu, marking checkboxes, and toggling various options. By customizing forms, input methods can be changed so that forms names very intuitively.

The forms can be customized for quick and easy accessibility. Depending on the department of usage like sales, marketing, customer service associates, etc, custom forms can be created for various purposes. For example, a sales rep may require an option that specifies the client’s order value that is placed, or a customer service associate may be benefited if the form can backtrack an issue that persuaded a customer to reach out.

Views and Dashboards

Forms allow CRM users to offer input, while dashboards and views can provide an insightful output. They are a type of data visualization, and they furnish users with the right information that is required to be effective in their routine activities.

Views can be customized to display the right data that is required and the methods of manipulating this data, like highlighting and sorting. A customizing dashboard can be made to display the user interface and the required functionalities that have to be performed for a certain task.


A CRM workflow is a set of actions normally performed in a sequential manner. A workflow enables the set of tasks to be performed without needing to manually go through menus and choose every action. The entire works can be encapsulated in a customized workflow.

Customization helps in automatic workflow actions to be executed as per the custom-defined rules based on the particular outcome that is required. 

Top benefits of CRM customization


  • Increased productivity – Customizing CRM can raise the productivity of your sales, marketing departments, and customer service. Automation of specific redundant tasks results in less time consumed to perform data entry, a lesser rate of errors, customer segmentation, accurate task completion, and other activities.
  • Effective task allocation – CRM customization helps you to streamline your entire operations effectively. It lowers the overlapping activities scenarios such as CRM users are unaware of working on the same tasks.
  • Flexibility – CRM customization provides a clear cut solution to support your entire business processes according to your business flow. The customized CRM solution can adapt to the specific need of your business.

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