Reasons Startups Choose React Native for App Development

Thousands of well-known companies and startups worldwide have adopted React Native technology to build mobile apps. Many popular apps such as Bloomberg, Facebook, Instagram, and Walmart have been made with this open-source UI software framework.

As a long-established React Native app development company in the USA, we have compiled some primary reasons and benefits why it is a preferred choice among successful startups.

Benefits of React Native App Development for Startups

Less Time-Consuming

Using React Native, you can develop an app within a short time because of its code reusability feature. Over 90% of the codebase is shared between Android and iOS. You can launch the first version of your app with minimum functionality and prioritize other aspects to develop later.

Cross-Platform App Development

React Native app development is the perfect solution if you want to build apps for cross-platforms such as Android and iOS. It provides app stability and caters to transposable architecture. It also allows you to create a single app and share it between the platforms while sharing up to 90% of the code.


Any startup must develop an online presence as soon as possible. Even if you have a limited budget, React Native allows you to write code once and run the app quickly on iOS and Android effectively.

Appealing UI/UX

React Native app development focuses on building an appealing user experience for mobile devices, which is essential for high responsiveness.

Reusable Component

The reusability within the app code makes it easy to share a component from one part of an app to the other. This is another primary reason that React Native app development can be accomplished rapidly.

Availability of Developers

React Native is built on JavaScript, so it’s easy to find and hire react js developers. It also enables you to create an app development team or evaluate the skills of a React Native development company you want to collaborate with.

Improved Security & Stability

Thanks to JavaScript, React Native is a highly reliable and secure framework. It is ideal for cross-platform application development as it provides stability to the app.


Its code reusability feature enables developers to create apps with reduced costs compared to native apps. You can use a single codebase for Android and iOS app development which cuts down the time and effort that goes into writing code again for the same components on a different platform.

Supports Third-Party Plugins

React Native app development offers a great selection of plugins that can add an enhanced functionality layer to your mobile app. Developers can link these plugins to the native module and develop smoothly operating and feature-rich mobile applications.

Open-Source Community

A huge group of enthusiastic developers support React Native. Moreover, it is backed by the social media giant Facebook. The framework is open-source, meaning there are always Github and Reddit threads to answer developers’ queries.

How Much Does React Native App Development Cost?

Multiple factors determine the cost of developing an app using React Native. You need to spend less on building simple apps than on more complex ones. Other aspects you need to consider include features, platform, developer’s charges, development company, and the time required to build the app. It helps to hire an expert React Native app development company which is also experienced, such as Tops Infosolutions, as they build high-performing cross-platform apps with cost-effective packages for their clients.

Benefits of Hiring ReactJS Developers

  • React Native developer community is large and provides excellent support and training materials that help developers
  • React Native facilitates a hot reloading plugin that enables React components to load live without loss of state.
  • React Native developers can use third-party plugins seamlessly, simultaneously taking advantage of greater flexibility and customization for their framework
  • The developers can make the most of the development time by reusing up to 90% of their code.
  • The developers can make changes in real time and can also consider feedback in real-time to make the best decision.
  • The flexible architecture allows the developers to engage their team on their code to make suggestions and facilitate easy updates.
  • React Native developers can build apps with fast loading time, which helps in achieving higher traffic and better SEO ranking.

Advantages of Partnering with a React Native App Development Company

They Provide Affordable Packages

Once you decide to build your app using React Native, the first step is to determine how to get the job done. It is wise to hire a professional React Native app development company as they help you accomplish the project smoothly by saving you costs and time. They also avoid building your app individually for Android and iOS platforms.

They Have Seasoned Developers

When you hire a professional company, you can rest assured that they have expert React Native app developers who are experienced and skilled to do the job seamlessly. They will build your app within the required deadline and deliver it as needed.

They Have the Right Resources

React Native app development companies like Tops Infosolutions have dedicated resources to build mobile applications that cater to your startup requirements. They won’t waste time or resources and will provide you with a robust solution on time.

They Provide Quality Assurance

An expert React Native app development company provides high-grade IT solutions with flexible and feature-rich applications.

They Ensure High Security

A reliable company ensures your app is integrated with high security. They also maintain the confidentiality of the data without you having to worry about the app and its safety.

Why Collaborate With Us?

TOPS Infosolutions is a well-known React Native app development company in the USA and is trusted by some of the biggest companies. We have the expertise and dedicated human resources to build your apps according to your business requirements.

You can hire our ReactJS developers to build highly engaging apps for a variety of industry verticals, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Enterprise
  • Logistics
  • Education

If you are looking to build a highly responsive and engaging app within a short time while saving on costs, look no further. We can help you with end-to-end assistance and great product and service experience. Contact us or fill out our contact form to get in touch with us.


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