CodeIgniter Development Framework For Web Development

CodeIgniter is an open-source framework that is mainly designed to function with the PHP framework. There are many attributes in the PHP web framework that successfully contributes to its wide acceptance. Let’s look at the top 10 reasons that explain why CodeIgniter development services are being predominantly used. 

Tops 10 Reasons for Choosing CodeIgniter Development Services

To start with, a CodeIgniter is reliable, lightweight, and a well-designed toolkit that is used for developing web solutions that are par excellence. It has so much to offer for web development services, and so there is rising demand for CodeIgniter development company in the USA. Let’s see some of the benefits of going ahead with CodeIgniter for developing web solutions.

Stress-free error handling:

Handling errors are pretty straightforward with CodeIgniter as it requires you to write only a single line code. It will help you look at all the errors in front of you, thereby helping to rectify them instantly and effortlessly perform the development process. Furthermore, the interfaces are user-friendly and help the user immensely to sort out the errors in the application without a problem.

MVC based development:

CodeIgniter Development Framework For Web Development

The Model View Controller MVC-based development empowers swift application development. The MVC architectural pattern divides the application into model, view, and controller, and they all are mutually dependent. CodeIgniter lets you make use of the MVC structure effortlessly for application development by writing clean codes. Moreover, the whole process is reasonable and practical, giving you a good management process with the MVC-oriented framework.

Tough security:

Several inbuilt functions will guide you in selecting the intensity level of the security that your application will require. You can transfer the data securely in decrypted format. It offers enhanced security features like remote code execution, SQL injection, XSS attacks, and many other features that offer a safe and secure web solution.

Vast community support:

PHP is one of the most widely held and sought-after scripting languages and has a vast community for support worldwide. The CodeIgniter community is a well-established forum that mainly deals with all the development problems and extends support to all the CodeIgniter developers who have trouble during the development process.

No installation required:

This framework does not have to be installed. Upload the files to the server and commence work. It saves you from PEAR packages and server modification, thus making the development process time-saving and easy.

Easy to understand:

Understanding the various aspects and features of CodeIgniter is straightforward. It is a user-friendly PHP framework that enables configuration, organization, and customization a very smooth process. Depending on your requirements for the website, may it be for your organization or for rendering eCommerce development services in the USA, you can customize easily with CodeIgniter development.

Huge selection of library:

Benchmarking classes, email, calendar, validation, zip encoding, uploading, form validation classes, shopping cart class, pagination class, and output classes are some of the features present in the inbuilt library. Also, CodeIgniter is loaded with several libraries that you could directly use. Furthermore, one can create their own library for a more advantageous development process.

Executes at a more incredible speed:

The function execution speed is one of the primary reasons that made it the most popular and sought-after PHP framework. This framework possesses the fastest execution time when compared to the rest of the PHP frameworks. The migration from one database to another is an easy process and also marks its capability to implement functions at a more incredible speed. Additionally, you only need to type fewer lines of code for execution which subsequently saves much of your time and effort.

Simple testing process:

Testing the resultant code need not have to wait until the completion of the project. You can test the functionality and performance of the project from the commencement the project. The easy testing lets you identify the errors at every single stage of the entire development process.

Easy configuration and customization:

The CodeIgniter is complemented with an easy configuration process. Thus, it becomes more advantageous for the developers to set up the framework according to their system configuration. Coding the config.php, loading the library, arrays, and database for the development process can be carried out efficiently. CodeIgniter lets easy access to create applications and edit the files as per the requirements in terms of customization.

Final thoughts

Those, as mentioned earlier, are certain prominent benefits that spread out the glory of CodeIgniter. On top of these, a simple template solution, easy documentation, a great user experience, and accessible server to server hosting are yet other merits of using this framework for CodeIgniter development services. Its user-friendly framework and quick response delivery make it a boon for web developers. It also lets them develop eccentric web solutions that are par excellence and improve the developer’s performance. 


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