React for Front-end development

React is a well-recognized JavaScript front-end library in the field of web development. It brings several advantages to the developers, hence making it an impeccable choice than the rest of the frameworks. React is used by both startups as well as large, reputed companies. If you’re just trying out the ReactJS framework or working on the core concepts, this blog will give you an introduction to the ReactJS features in detail.

What is ReactJs?

React is a JavaScript open-source, front-end library developed to create interactive and smooth user interfaces for web applications. It is used for building the application’s view layer. The view layer is responsible for revealing the application’s look and feel in the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture. React is managed by Facebook at present. If you are seeking for Reactjs development services, reach out to a reputed web application development company for availing of the latest services for your projects.

Top Reasons to choose ReactJs


The reigning popularity of React in the present day has cast a shadow on all the other front-end development frameworks. Here are the primary reasons as to why:

  1. Creation of dynamic apps smoothly

Building dynamic web applications with ReactJs is simple. It requires less coding and provides more functionality, contrasted with JavaScript, where the coding complexity often increases very quickly.

  1. Advanced Performance

The web applications built using React are faster as it uses Virtual DOM. It relates the early stages of the components and specifically updates items present in the Real DOM that were altered. This sets it apart from other conventional web applications that update the entire components.

  1. Reusable Components

Components are the fundamental building elements of any React application. An individual app typically consists of several components. These components store the logic and controls, which can be used again throughout the entire application. It cuts down the application’s development time remarkably, which is an excellent asset to ReactJs development service and brings remarkable business results.

  1. Unidirectional Data Flow

React follows a single directional data flow. It is useful because the developers often nest child components inside the parent components when developing a ReactJs app. So, since the data flow is unidirectional, it becomes less complex to debug errors and identify the exact location in the code where the problem happens in an application at the moment of occurrence.

Top Features of ReactJs Framework

  1. JavaScript Syntax Extension

JSX is a Javascript syntax extension used along with React to refer to what the user interface looks like. You can write the HTML structures in the same file by making use of JSX, which comprises the JavaScript code. It helps to make the code easier to learn and debug, as it omits the usage of complicated JavaScript DOM structures.


const name = ‘easylearn’;

const greet = <h1>Hello, {name}</h1>;

The above sample code displays the way JSX is implemented in React.

  1. Components

The functional components are stateless and consist of a render method. Data is derived from other components in the form of properties.

function Greeting(props) {

return <h1>Welcome to {}</h1>;


The class components can easily hold and handle their state. They follow the particular render method approach for returning JSX on the screen. Hence, they are also referred to as stateful components, as they retain the state. Here is a sample code. 


class Greeting extends React.Component {

render() {

return <h1>Hello all {}</h1>;



  1. State

The state is a type of React object that contains all the data or information about the component. A component’s state can change as a responsible behavior to a user action or system-generated events. Whenever the component changes, it undergoes re-rendering, and changes denote the component behavior and the way it will render. You can go for ReactJs Development Services from the industry experts for getting desired business advantages.

class Greetings extends React.Component {

state = {

name: “Country”


updateName() {

this.setState({ name: “easylearn” });


render() {








Wrapping it up 

React is JavaScript Friendly, and the usage of JSX syntax extension combines the functionalities of both JavaScript and HTML. As a developer, it is advantageous for creating individual components and combining them later on. It makes development easy for high-volume applications. The rendering performance is high, and it focuses on individual components. The developers can find it simpler to break down the complex UI into smaller components instead of working on the entire web app.

ReactJs framework is renowned for providing robust and innovative features. Thus, it is an apt framework for startups to invest in; make use of the latest features, and develop great web applications for their business growth. We are a Web Application Development Companyand we are available around the clock to assist you with your business requirements and merits of this popular framework.


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