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The benefits of what the cloud can offer are wide-ranged. It is also witnessing a more significant usage for cloud-based app development as it offers good scalability and robustness. Recently, several companies of varying sizes are being taken on the AWS mobile app who are looking to create an agile development environment.

Cloud Benefits for AWS mobile app development

  • Economical approach – The app maintenance cost without using a cloud-based app development process can fall more or less anywhere in between $4000 to a whopping $25,000. The on-premise mobile app development progressions take up many resources that can be alternatively utilized for scaling your business.
  • Multiple Cloud benefits – AWS provides several cloud benefits for AWS mobile app development. It includes database storage, computing power, content delivery, and other functionalities.
  • Increase Productivity  By creating an agile, mobile app development process, their development teams’ productivity levels can be improved and prepared for easy scaling.

AWS for Mobile App development

Here are a few AWS services apt for your next AWS Mobile App development projects and can make it more efficient.

  • AWS DynamoDB – It is an entirely-managed cloud service for AWS mobile app development. It provides faster and calculated performance to help achieve the highest scalability. AWS developers can store and retrieve massive volumes of data without any delay or latency.
  • Amazon Pinpoint – It helps developers and app marketers efficiently run targeted campaigns and measure performances. From alerts on various promotions to customer retention campaigns, Amazon Pinpoint will offer valuable insights on user engagements with the app.
  • AWS Device Farm – It is an application testing service that helps with Android, iOS, and web apps testing and interaction across various devices at the same time. Automated testing helps developers quickly identify roadmaps and integrate user feedback successfully in the mobile app development process.
  • AWS Cognito – It allows you to build unique and secure sign-up, sign-in, authentication of the app, access control, and security and compliance requirements for mobile and web users. AWS Cognito keeps a user directory that stores data from millions of users.
  • AWS Lambda – Another feature, AWS Lambda, runs code without handling or provisioning the servers. So taking any specific moment, you pay only for the actual computing time used and not when your code is idle. Once the codes are uploaded, AWS Lambda performs the rest. It also helps in code scaling without handling servers for maximum availability.

Why choose AWS mobile app development?

Many companies still operate with an on-premise mobile app development process. However, various industries worldwide shift to the cloud; cloud-based app development is picking up very fast. Here are some of the reasons why quickly growing companies are taking on AWS mobile app development for their products and services.

  • Development language – On-premise applications are based on traditional programming languages such as C, C++, C#, Visual Studio, etc. In contrast, cloud-based app development uses web-centric languages like HTML, javascript, Python, Ruby, etc., for their mobile app development process.
  • Multitenancy – There are limitations while using an on-premise mobile app development process in a virtual environment as it needs non-virtual space for development. But AWS mobile apps work well in the virtual space and can share resources with other apps too. It helps to keep the process flow and budgets optimized continuously.
  • Dynamic scalability – When there is a spike in usage, the cloud-oriented app development process can extend the resources and let go of when the demand normalizes. This provides the AWS certified developers a scalable environment dynamically, not a possible on-premise mobile app development process.
  • Traditional vs. modern design – AWS mobile app development design allows functions to be broken into microservices. When not required, it can shut down certain services, and it can do updates to specific modules without hindering the overall performance of the app. The on-premise development is based on a monolithic design, which lacks this flexibility for a developer or a growing company.
  • Network and storage – AWS mobile app development offer flexible network and storage connections. This feature helps the developers by offering them a responsive and dynamic environment.

Final thoughts

AWS mobile app development has countless benefits and the fact that cloud-based mobile app development is becoming more trusted for even mobile app development. However, to get started, you need to understand the cloud-based services elaborately. Here is where a mobile app development company proficient in advanced AWS consulting services comes into the picture. 

We are a leading mobile app development company in the USA, and our experts can help you get started with anything AWS. You can also hire AWS Certified Developers for your mobile app development, setting up cloud-based app development solutions, or even cloud migration of your existing app. You can also Hire Get in touch with us to know more.


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