In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for solutions to build single page applications (SPAs). Modern JavaScript frameworks such as Vue.JS offer a lot of advantages for building SPAs. Like every framework, Vue.JS has pros and cons.  Vue.JS can be used for building single-page applications that are not complex. If you think SEO is important for your web app, go for Nuxt. It also maximizes the performance of apps. Nuxt.JS helps to build next-generation websites and web applications for small and large businesses. 

Websites that use Nuxt.JS

  • Upwork
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Ubisoft
  • Trivago

Being built over Vue.JS, Nuxt.JS is used to build highly advanced web applications. It offers a lot of benefits to the developers and users.

1. Speedy Development 

It is easy and quick to set up a Nuxt.JS project. As it takes care of all the routines and configurations, the developers do not have to worry about coding. The app development would be faster, one can get faster time to market. 

2. Easy to build Universal Apps

As universal apps need configuration on both client-side and server side, it is considered to be a tedious task. Nuxt.JS makes it easier to build a universal app because it makes the sharing of code between server-side and client-side simpler. Creating universal apps with other tools can be difficult and time-consuming. With Nuxt.JS, developers can build a snappy user interface quickly and easily. 

Nuxt.JS provides access to several properties such as isClient and isServer on your components. There are various components like no-SSR component that can be used to prevent the component from rendering on the server-side. 

3. Enterprise-Ready 

Gone are the days when the developers had to worry about bad server-side error handling while using Nuxt.JS. There have been great improvements and developers can enjoy the benefit of Nuxt as it has a deeper understanding of SSR and enhanced Typescript support. Nuxt is the perfect choice for developing enterprise-scale applications. 

4. Easy Transitions 

A typical web application consists of JavaScript animations, CSS animations, and CSS transitions. What is the main aim of building dynamic web pages? The major idea is to make things look more pretty and move easily. Nuxt.JS possesses a transition element to make it easy to create transitions between multiple pages. 

5. Huge Library 

Nuxt.JS comes with Github that contains the most helpful modules and starter kit to build your app. Even the beginner programmers can access the library and get started. 

6. Flexibility and speed

Being light in weight, Nuxt is known for its speed as critical scripts are pre-fetched. Due to its open source feature and modular architecture, you can get greater flexibility with Nuxt development. It offers faster development than other frameworks because the features can be extended using official and third party modules. 

Why should you hire a Nuxt.JS developer?

Are you planning to build a Nuxt.JS app? You should figure out how the app would support your business model. Another aspect you should consider is SEO. As SEO is a crucial part of any business, every website owner would want a website that ranks higher in the search engines. Nuxt.JS can be used to create SEO-friendly websites that help businesses generate a lot of profits. 

There has been a great buzz about single page applications over the past few years. As they are easy to build and responsive, a lot of small and large business owners are focusing on developing SPAs. 

What should you look for in a Nuxt.JS developer?

Once you have made up your mind for building a Nuxt app, you should start looking for experienced app development companies to help you. Along with knowledge of Nuxt.JS framework, the developers should possess the following expertise:

  • Experience in working with front-end web applications 
  • Knowledge of modular and reusable components in Vue.JS
  • Have in-depth knowledge of JavaScript and HTML/CSS
  • Familiarity with Vue.JS ecosystem

TOPS Infosolutions is known for developing highly qualitative and versatile web applications using Nuxt.JS. Whether you want to build a web app from scratch or want to hire someone to upgrade your solution to the latest version, we are there to help you. We have worked with a lot of clients and helped them deliver a great experience to their end users. We also have huge expertise in plugin development to extend the functionality of your web application. Even if you have an idea for MVP development, discuss your ideas with us and we will transform them into a reality. 




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