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Google Assistant has been widely used nowadays and has become an integral part of our lives. These progressions in technology aim to make our lives simpler and more manageable. Google Assistant is similar to Amazon Echo or Alexa and has been around for quite some time in the market. However, Google keeps on extending its platform and adding additional features to support a more extensive set of Google Actions developers worldwide.

In addition to Google’s Dialog Flow tool for building conversational interfaces that support the newly introduced languages, translating the Actions is simplified by letting the developers export their directory listing in a file format. Additionally, all Google action developers can create a deep link to an Android app using Google Assistant Actions.

What are Google Actions?

Actions performed on the Google development platform for the Google Assistant to react or respond known as Google actions. It permits the third-party creation of “actions”—applets for the Google Assistant that offer comprehensive functionality. Simply put, Google Actions is Google Assistant’s version of Amazon skills.

What do Google Actions do?

The actions platform backs “direct” actions and “conversational” actions for complicated applications. Advanced developers can develop against the API directly, and a Node.js SDK is also accessible.

As of April 2020, there are 33,299 Actions available for Google Assistant, and it is ever increasing. 

Highlights of Google Actions Developer Tools

Google supports the developer ecosystem as they create the best experiences for Android phones and Smart displays. Here are some of the Google Assistant Developer tool highlights offered by Google.

  • Integrating Android mobile Apps with Google Assistant and creating fresh experiences for Smart Displays
  • New App Actions built-in intents that allow Android developers to integrate Google Assistant with their apps
  • Discovery features like shortcuts and suggestions that help users discover and engage with Android apps effortlessly
  • New developer tools and features like testing API, frameworks, and voices for game development to support building high-quality native experiences for smart displays
  • Discovery and monetization enhancements to enable users to discover and take part with the developers’ experiences on Assistant.

Now, with the above highlights, all Android Developers can take along Google Assistant to their apps. Finding what the Android app developers are looking for can be made easier for them and their users. It fast-forwards into the app’s key functionality by using only voice. With App Actions, leading app developers like Fandango, Yahoo Mail, and ColorNote, are presently developing engaging and natural user experiences. It is done by mapping their users’ intents to a particular functionality inside their apps. It eliminates the need for navigating through every app in order to get tasks completed. The users can say “Hey Google,” and they require like “find party songs on Spotify” by using their voice alone.

Google App Actions Best Features

  • Open and search quickly within apps having common intents

    People tend to ask Google Assistant every day to open their favorite apps. The OPEN_APP_FEATURE intent helps to open particular pages within apps, and GET_THING intent performs a search within apps. It offers many ways to connect users to your app easily through Assistant. Many top brands like eBay and Kroger are using these intents. Implementation is also easy as you can declare the actions in your Actions.xml file to begin. One can use a deep link for searching and opening pages.

  • Vertical specific built-in intents

    For in-depth integration, vertical-specific BII – built-in intents can be used that allows Google to handle all the NLU- Natural Language Understanding. Initially, it was piloted in prevalent app verticals like Finance, Food Ordering, Ridesharing, and Fitness. It currently covers over 60 intents across ten verticals with new groups like Social, Travel, Games, Productivity, Communications, and Local Shopping.

  • Custom Intents to high spot distinctive app experiences

    Every app is unique and has its own capabilities, features, and purpose. Sometimes it may not match with the available App Actions built-in intents. For such cases, One can create a custom intent like BIIs. These intents obey the actions.xml schema and link the points between your defined needs and the Assistant. Snapchat and Walmart have custom intents to spread out their app’s functionality to Google Assistant.

A glance into the Future

Looking ahead, Google doubles down on supporting Google Actions developers and partners to create inordinate experiences for Google Assistant and reach the users at home and on the go. Further improvisations the Google Assistant experience will continue to simplify integration for Android developers between their Android app and Google Assistant. Also, one can anticipate ways to help developers achieve success through monetization and discovery.

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