Using Agile Methodology for Mobile App Development

by TOPS Infosolutions January 8, 2018
agile methodology

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often” – Winston Churchill

Today, with the surge of mobile app development, newer mobile apps are introduced in of play-store and app-store at the lightning speed. But does every mobile app get successful?

In this cluttered app market, it is challenging for every Appreneur to keep the app updated as per the current trends. It may not be able to hit the bull’s eye if not utilized at its full potential.

It is not only necessary to streamline the entire app development process but also to deliver the desired results within a short span of time. So, mobile app development Companies need to think of some process that makes the process faster and mainly focuses on flexible planning, customer involvement, risk management, and continuous evaluation.

To develop the app with such a process, agile methodology is the most perfect one as it is integrated with each factor necessary to design the final product precisely as per the user’s expectation.

What is Agile Methodology?

Agile is the product development approach where the complicated task is segregated into a series of development cycles and thus each sub-tasks become a separate module for a development team.

Respective experts are then assigned to each task which ultimately results in a faster development process. The use of Agile application development includes regular communication,

and constant interaction; achieving the maximum flexibility of the design in the process involved. This means, if the client raises new demand for the product, it can be changed as per the need without affecting the project as a whole.

Basic Ideologies of Agile Principles

  • Continuous developer-client interaction and inter-team interactions lead to good collaborations and better results.
  • Simple design
  • Product delivered in a shorter span of time
  • More room for modifications in the app at any stage of development
  • Ensures maximum utilization of the resources by simply breaking down the methodology into manageable sprints.

Why you should use agile methodology for mobile app development?

The agile method helps in overcoming many issues that a developer faces using traditional app development methods such as assorted demands of users, seamless development, different operating system, an unexpected amendment from the client during project development, and much more.

Listed below determines some of the benefits of the agile approach in the mobile app….

    • Reduces Risk:

      The traditional waterfall model has a high risk of failures such as late delivery, scope creep, lack of information, budget shortage, and much more. But, agile development calls for a parallel testing model enabling you to track the various task in mobile application development with the increased information and reducing the risk from the beginning. Other than that:

    • Early and frequent integration of code mitigates the risk of late integration
    • Early and frequent testing of software mitigates the risk of late discovery of errors
    • Early and frequent delivery of software to customers mitigates the risk of late delivery

Having such high clarity followed by the scrum management process provides accurate insights eliminating the problem of later-stage quality issues.

  • Delivers great user experience: Agile keeps business analysts, designers, and developers on the same page and is accountable for the success or failure of the project. The UX designer starts its development even before the Sprint and works closely with stakeholders to scrutinize the software behavior and dig out the mobile app design requirements.

    Additionally, due to the different screen size and limited bandwidth in the mobile app, things like session duration, app download rate, and in-app behavior becomes the prime factor to consider for the mobile app owner.The agile approach enables testing with these entities to adjust the design and features of apps for delivering a quick and seamless experience. Other than that, a small change in the design can lessen many issues and the agile process will quickly respond to the changes due to the iterative process where all the changes are always welcome for achieving business goals.

  • Ensures error-free and on-time delivery: The best thing about the agile approach is, it reduces time-to-market and provides on-time delivery of the project to the great extent. Due to its iterative nature, developers need to release the features of the first milestone and then add further features in the later milestones.

    With such a process, the project follows the proper schedule making it possible for the mobile app development company to deliver the final product on time. Additionally, with this iterative approach and errors recognized at the early stage of the development, minor errors can be easily fixed without letting them affect the entire project and this in turn gives the filtered version of the mobile app to the users.

  • Seamless Project Management and Enhanced Productivity: Iterating the development of the mobile app into different modules, the agile methodology enables the management of the entire project with ease and aids the product managers to get an idea of the team’s productivity. As a result, there is a tracking of each task that enables the provision of realistic deadlines and helps to report the issues instantly during frequent deliveries.In the traditional approach, it may happen that, the designed blueprint doesn’t come out with what was expected and the client may confront it after the months of project commencement. But, agile, deliver milestones in sprints providing tangible solutions to mitigate these circumstances. At every sprint, you can get feedback for the same and developers can continue to make improvements until an expected end product is delivered.

Wrapping it up

Considering the fierce competition in the market and the dynamic nature of mobile software, it is the right approach to choose an incremental agile methodology to overcome the challenges of mobile app development.

With this methodology, you will not only experience faster decision making but the app will surely hit the market at a faster pace. Wish to create a mobile app that can help to reach your business goals and deliver an exceptional user experience for your customers?

TOPS Infosolutions can help! Our mobile app and software development service brings the idea of your mobile app to the life.


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