Top UX Strategies for Mobile App Design and Development

by TOPS Infosolutions December 19, 2017
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“UX is not just what it looks and feels like; UX is how it works…”

Do you remember the last time when you purchased movie ticket from app? Last time when you bought the book of favorite author? Last time when you went for dinner by booking table from Zomato? Last time when you checked your monthly account statement?

Recently… Right???

With mobile apps, our life is sorted; having plethora of information just on the finger tips. And this all is because UX of mobile app is perfect enough to create user retention. So, to curate the engaging experience for your customers, mobile app UX design plays a core role to form a first impression. The difference between an outstanding mobile app and the awful application is generally the quality of UX, which is important for every organization to stand tall amongst competitors.

When we talk about UX of mobile app, what it is actually?

The UX is the concept of designing with the dimensions like interactive design, information architecture, visual design, usability and human interaction. To be precise, it demands for the customer-first mentality; understanding and anticipating user needs, easy to use and delightful to interact with.

The factors for the excellent UX are:-

  • Discoverability: Are your users able to discover how to use your app for the first time?
  • Learnability: Are your users able to learn how to move from one step to the next one?
  • Efficiency: Once your users start using the products, can they repeat the tasks quickly with higher efficiency?
  • System Performance: How efficient is your UI when user interacts with it?
  • Delight: Does your product satisfy your users?

Developing a mobile app design comes with the set of rules where curating the smooth user experience is the big deal for the flow of any app. Good UX puts life into your app which means you are showing the value of an app to the users.

Let’s learn some of the best practices to implement the best UX of mobile app:

  • Choose the right color palette: Have you ever wondered why some visuals are in red? What would users attract the most ‘Buy today’ button or ‘red fonts’, why submit button is in green and delete in red? The answer is color psychology. Color is the most important aspect of every mobile app as it helps the users to see and interpret the app’s content, interact with the correct elements and understand actions. Designers need to make judgment calls regarding colors usage as it is often difficult to decide color scheme that works well as there are infinite number of possible color combinations. Selection of the right colors can impact the conversion rate and overall performance market of your app. Different shades can simulate the people to react in a particular way and can cause different reactions in the human minds.
  • Make Navigation Simple: Making smooth navigation is challenge on the mobile due to the limitations of the small screen but without exception, your mobile app should have the simplest structure possible. Good navigation is like an invisible hand that guides the users along their journey. Mobile app navigation must be clear, functions must be self-evident, and no explanation or learning curve should be required to go from point A to point B based on their first glance. It should be coherent and consistent enough to remove the confusions in the app and match the visual elements of the work flow respectively. This flow within the app would take UX to another level, amplifying the expected business results.
  • Touch Friendly: In dart game, hitting the bulls-eye is harder to do than hitting any other part of the dashboard. It is because the bulls-eye is the smallest target. To be precise, the smaller the button of the action is, the harder it is for the users to hit the target. So, when you are designing the UI of the app, it is the best to make your targets big so that they’re easy for the users to tap. The control sizes should vary between 7mm to 10mm so that it can be accurately tapped. This size allows the fingers to fit properly making the edges visible and lack of ambiguity for the mobile app users.
  • Follow minimalistic approach: The minimalist design approach emphasize on developing the interface that users can quickly master, helps your design to look clutter-free and ultimately delivers a world-class experience to the users.

Features of minimalism that designers must include are:-Simplicity

– Clarity

– Expressive visual hierarchy

– High attention to proportions and compositions

– Functionality of every element

– Big amount of spare space

– High attention to core details

– Typography as significant design element

– Eliminating non-functional decorative element

The principal thing you must ensure is that, you must avoid unnecessary elements and provide users with only what they actually need from your app.  One action per screen makes it easier to grasp the information quite easier and thereby it helps in the accomplishment of the main business objectives.

  • Opt for On-boarding: Remember your first flight; how much anxiety and excited you felt when the flight took off? But everything went smoothly, once step by step demonstration was given. Every new users who download the app must be treated in a similar way; small walk through screens must be made that educate the user on how to make the best use of the app or can make the silent video in the background that introduces your app to the users. If the users have trouble within initial few screens they may drop off. So, by creating excellent on-boarding experience, it will not only engage your customers but also retain the existing ones. The goal of on-boarding is to show the value of your app to the user, by demonstrating how they can achieve what they want, quickly and efficiently.

The bottom line

The points mentioned above puts attention on major features that most of the customers look for while delivering the well-designed UX of Mobile app to ensure user satisfaction. The world of mobile app development is expanding and will continue to do so by leaps and bounds.

Connect with the mobile app development company, to make sure that the right UI is used in your app that actually works for your business.

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