You must have probably heard that many eCommerce businesses are still thriving while all the other brick and motor stores face closure due to major global lockdown. There has been a spike in the online users count recently. It includes new sign-ups from customers who are using the site for the first time. It is a chance for the online eCommerce retail service providers to experience a significant boost if they survive this current rocky economic situation.


Many online retailers are looking at this crisis as an opportunity. As more and more customers flock to eCommerce shopping sites for their essentials, it seems inevitable for a future boom. The customer mindset is changing, or we can say it is forced to change. Those who felt that they wouldn’t buy a tomato without touching it are the ones who are purchasing it online with no other option. People are whiling away with their internet now.

It’s not something new. and Alibaba had survived and seen significant growth during the 2002-2003 SARS crisis. So, it is better to have an online presence if you only own a brick and motor store. So, before you end up with choosing an eCommerce application development, here are some of the pointers that you should check out.


The eCommerce portal web and mobile application development should fall within your budget. Even though it is the most suitable investment at this hour, make sure all the necessary features are included and do not exceed your budget. Discuss your requirements with experts to arrive at the best feasible solution.


Your eCommerce portal should be flexible to be customized later on as per the advancements of your business needs. If you are a newly established start-up, then you probably don’t want to risk non-customization.


You will have to handle more website traffic, large volumes of orders, and manage a vast supply chain in the long run. You will want to monitor a lot more than you were handling earlier when you started. Incorporating more analytics would mean more lines of code and changes in the user interface. Your site should be scalable so that it does not affect the loading time or the user experience in any way.

These are some of the essential points to look out for, including apt technical development and support, API integrations, and many more. At Tops Infosolutions, we have the best team of skilled developers and consulting experts with experience in varied segments of business. We can help with setting up an online storefront that is entirely customizable according to your business requirements. Also, our eCommerce retail solution services enables you to handle your inventory management, dropshipping, orders management, vendors management, warehouse management, all from one single platform.

With the coronavirus pandemic spreading like hay fire, it is a serious loss for brick and motor stores. If you are looking for building an eCommerce retail solution services, we are there to help you. We, Tops Infosolutions, are the best web development company in the USA. We are well-equipped and always stick with our commitment to cater our clients, no matter what. To know more, do give us a call and our experts will be there to guide you 24×7. Dial: +1 408-400-3737


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