AngularJS- Champion amongst other frameworks

AngularJS is one of the most prominent Java based frameworks by Google which is mostly used for developing web based applications. Being the most flexible languages in the world, it is also the most simplistic MVC implementation. The Angular 2 update is mobile oriented and component based and additionally it is completely rewritten one.  AngularJS lets you to use HTML as your template language and enables to extend HTML’s syntax to express your application’s components clearly and briefly. Data binding and dependency in AngularJS lessens up much of the code and that makes it an ideal partner to gel up with any server technology. AngularJS was originally started as a project in Google, but now it is an open source framework.

Other Frameworks

  • Other frameworks makes the use of build tools which is quite easy and we generally use them when we work in other languages anyway. The actual concern of using them in JavaScript is that, they aren’t standard, reusable solutions for all of your projects. This can unfortunately increase the amount of time it takes to get the idea in your head and in implementing into the code.
  • Community conventions are still developing. There are so many problems to solve and other community isn’t big enough to provide all solutions.

Some benefits of AngularJS

  • Yields to develop customized Document Object Model elements
  • Integrated with the best UI design
  • Checks every single bound field on the page for any changes before implementing
  • Extension of HTML syntax and reusable components.
  • Robust template building solutions
  • Code is simple and easy to test.
Angular.js benefits

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