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TOPS – offshore outsourcing development company is pioneered in Node.js development and has been serving clientele all over the globe with their cost-effective unique business application requirements. Having years of experience in developing business applications based on MEAN Stack and full-stack JavaScript frameworks; you can get comprehensive solution for developing enterprise applications.

Node.js used for the back-end development, has been referred to as “the next big thing” in the technology sphere. So, we put our right feet forward for delivering scalable solution for our client. At TOPS, our experts have developed some nimble and cools apps with the Node.js framework which turned out to be a great products in the market.

Node.js backend development

All about Node.js

Node.js – the most popular programming language in the world is an open-source, cross-platform run-time environment written in JavaScript. Node.js framework helps in speedy development and deployment of network & applications as it possesses lightweight run-time. If you are looking for the scalable network applications, Node.js can be a right option.

How you can be benefited from Node.js?

simple modification

Lightweight and Simple Modification

Being a JavaScript technology, it is lightweight with attractive functionalities and makes the development fun. It handles HTTP request in a straightforward way with no bloated infrastructure.

Google V8 engine compatible

Compatibility with Google V8 Engine

With this compatibility, Node.js can achieve big performance enhancement and significant memory savings on the real-world JavaScript applications.

Open source community driven modules

Open Source Community Driven Modules

It is a great new open-source platform to build fast, scalable and real-time network applications easily. Node.js web app development helps to develop database-driven websites built on Express and MongoDB.

JSON AJAX communication

Easy Communication in JSON and AJAX

Communication becomes easy as Ajax is client-server technology which enables the web page to retrieve data from server without reloading and JSON contains low number of special characters which reduces size of message and achieves good results.

Code Reuse

Reuse of Codes at Every Level

Node.js reuses the code at every phase, so when you hire one, you can expect the app to be ready in relatively less time. This saves time, improves the features in your program and generally makes for more cost-effective programming.

scalable architecture

Speedy and Scalable Architecture

Node.js offers speedy and scalable architecture which helps in developing high quality apps. And you are sure to get expert development services which are based on specialization in achieving high performance.

Realtime web socket programming

Real-time Web Socket Programming or API

Web sockets opens a two-way connection between client and server to push data back to the clients whenever there is any sign of data modifications on the server. It is crucial for the responsiveness of an application.

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