All You Need To Know About Node.JS Development

by TOPS Infosolutions May 31, 2022
Nodejs development

Are you thinking of starting your next project using Node.JS? If yes, then you’re at the right place. Node.JS is a preferred choice when it comes to developing web apps. Some of the leading giants like PayPal, LinkedIn, Uber, Trello, Medium, Microsoft, Zendesk, and Netflix use Node.JS extensively. 

What Is Node.JS & How Does It Work?

Being an open source, cross platform runtime environment for JavaScript, Node.JS is widely used for helping JavaScript run on the server. It is considered to be an ideal option for data-intensive real-time applications with.

It is important to note that Node.JS is neither a programming language nor a framework. Node.JS is an environment that was built by Ryan Dahl in 2009. Node.JS development makes the development and maintenance of the web applications easier and quicker. You can meet your business objectives of the project easily. 

It is widely used for back-end API services development including:

  • Websites
  • Single page applications (SPA)
  • Chatbot applications
  • Data streaming apps
  • IoT app development 

Benefits of Node.JS

Node.JS is considered to be the right option for building scalable applications. As it provides a cross-platform runtime environment and facilitates load balancing, it is a trusted choice of many developers worldwide. Users who want their modern applications to work up and down according to their requirements should opt for Node.JS development. It enhances the performance of web applications and requires fewer resources. 

1. Better Performance 

Node.JS enables creating web and mobile applications fast and efficiently. Node.JS can be used to build cutting-edge and high performance apps. As Node.JS supports the non-blocking I/O operations, the implementation and speed of the code execution gets improved.

2. Easy to Learn 

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages and most of the front-end developers have extensive knowledge about it. JavaScript is a universal language that is used for front-end development. Learning Node.JS is easier and consumes less time. The adaptation rate of Node.JS development is higher, resulting in a positive impact on the overall application development. 

3. Extraordinary Tech Stack

Web development teams often look for a robust technology stack. That’s where Node.JS development comes into the picture. A few advantages of Node.JS are:

  • High speed and enhanced performance 
  • Improved productivity
  • Better efficiency 
  • Code sharing and reusability 
  • Easy knowledge sharing within the team 

Along with the above-mentioned advantages, Node.JS also offers great flexibility to the development teams. You can be assured that you will get reliable and secure software with Node.JS. 

4. Cost-effectiveness

As you get an opportunity to write the server-side code in JavaScript, there is no need to hire two separate teams for front-end and backend development. Hence, you will be able to save a lot of time and development cost by choosing Node.JS web development. It is the right choice for startups who want to get MVP without digging a hole in their pockets. 

5. NPM

Node Package Manager (NPM) is the default package manager for Node.JS. It provides an extensive library, tools, and reusable templates that can be incorporated into the code. Being open source in nature, it offers several software registries to take your development to the next level. 

6. Cloud Support 

Node.JS works well with cloud computing tools and so, it offers greater flexibility to the developers and users. Business owners can keep the infrastructure costs under control by choosing AWS, GCP, or Azure. It becomes easy to deploy and scale the applications built using JavaScript and Node.JS. It is considered to be the perfect solution for microservices architecture. 

7. Large Community 

Being open source, it has a large community of developers who stay active and contribute to the betterment of the development. Node.JS has a vibrant and dynamic open-source community that offers great support to programmers and users worldwide. The large Node.JS community works on creating new modules, extensions, and high-level frameworks to improve the platform. 

In a Nutshell 

It becomes easier for the development team to manage code as now because of NodeJS both frontend and backend can be in Javascript.  Node.JS developers do not have to face a lot of roadblocks in managing the codes. The programmers can get feedback from the production to execution. This reduces the application’s time to market. 

Node.JS keeps the developers and users happy as it is less complex and highly flexible. As it does not impose any strict guidelines, it is a trusted choice of developers and users across the globe. We are backed up by a team of skilled and talented Node.JS developers who create scalable and secure feature-rich Node.JS solutions for our clients. You get high-performance solutions from TOPS Infosolutions. Being a top Node.JS development company, we work with our clients closely and build innovative real-time web apps as per their business requirements. 



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