Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a still-emerging technology that is spreading its wings into various domains and finding its application in day-to-day activities. With the advancements in technology and especially with AI in web applications development, voice search feature is invariably altering the e-commerce business sector.

Quick search:

Whether getting a morning coffee or accessing information, all customers expect quick delivery without much delay. This waiting time has been considerably reduced nowadays with the trends in technology, and AI is making its mark. Voice search solutions are already popular with the youth, and almost everyone is getting adapted to comfortable living. This voice search is becoming predominant in e-commerce website development nowadays.

Enhanced interaction:

The way of interaction is becoming more natural with Chatbots. They will soon be learning how to recognize human emotions with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Interacting with a website via a Chatbot is becoming very easier for online buyers in the longer run. This process eliminated most of the communication barriers and made the shopping experience more handy and pleasant. By implementing AI, the conversation had is similar to the one had with a real shopping consultant who identifies a reaction, knows the product’s features, quality, and price. It is in prediction that the chatbots market share by the year 2012 will be close to $3.5 billion. Implementing an AI chatbot while developing a website, especially for e-commerce, is the most prevailing trend.

Relevant customer experience:

You can accustom your website to match appropriately to the user’s needs by evaluating customer’s moods and understanding their preferences in real-time by AI technology. Dynamic modification of individual customer’s websites and even by including search through the website can be carried out. Apart from that, this technology offers a wide range of possibilities:

  • Display trending goods recommendations;
  • Change prices at optimal durations of sale;
  • Show personalized ads;
  • Deliver customized video content to trigger sales.

Personalized store experience:

Customers can be in charge of a new web experience by merely making online purchases from home. Spike in online purchasing has resulted in increased user engagement and a more and more personalized user experience. This experience can be accentuated with the application of AI solutions and enhance better navigation for that particular user.

Much more effective marketing:

Being a part of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analysis, Machine learning gives extensive opportunities for e-commerce marketers. Depending on customer behavior, technologies permit making marketing predictions like:

  • What kind of right customers are the next buyers?
  • What product varieties bore customers?
  • Choice of device and channel for accessing your website;
  • What is the suitable price threshold for the user;
  • Reasonable time for the customer to buy a particular item.

Artificial intelligence is altering web development, especially with the e-commerce portals, which is only the beginning. New benchmarks will be set with Artificial intelligence in web applications development sector. If you’re looking for assistance from the experts, to integrate a chatbot, custom software development or any other AI feature requirement do give us a call:+91-7575000269


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