Enterprise Mobility: Top Trends to Watch in 2018

by TOPS Infosolutions January 31, 2018
Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility is growing as a solution that allows organizations to manage resources and customer engagement across variety of mobile device through internet.

As enterprise mobility is growing at a lightning speed; many companies are taking this as the opportunity to strengthen the power of employees both onsite and remote to drive more ROI.

This solution brings the benefits such as:-

  • Less paperwork
  • Better Workflow
  • More Flexibility = Better work productivity
  • Reduced operational cost

Let’s Dive Deep to Learn What Enterprise Mobility Trends Will Dominate in 2018:

  • Rise of BYOD (Bring-your-own-device):

    Today, BYOD is a trending culture in the corporate world as it offers high level of productivity, efficiency, affordability. It provides employees the flexibility to work on their own time frame and can easily organize and answer the business mails wherever they are.

    Moreover, the expenditure of the companies can be decreased and hardware maintenance delays can be limited. The information of the company can be stored on cloud and all personal devices will act as the terminal to access files. When it comes to security, companies are coming up with the more advanced techniques which will ensure that data is under safe and secured.

  • Adoption of Artificial Intelligence:

    As enterprise mobility evolves, predicting the requests of users and quickly deploying new technologies will become the top IT priorities moving forward.

    As smart-phones have become handy solution to increase work efficiency of employees, companies are coming up with new features to improve the functionality of mobile device that solves real-life problems; for instance: voice based services like SIRI, smart cars, location based service to detect user’s location, compass that identifies the device orientation and much more.

    Today, employees use many devices from different locations to get their work done so there will be enterprise level apps that increase the productivity and efficiency at the unprecedented levels in the years to come. Lots of companies have already started relying heavily on technology led by the rapid adoption of AI.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) on Rise:

    IoT is growing at an exponential rate and has an overwhelming impact on how enterprises take advantage of connected devices to remain informed and collaborative.

    Each passing day makes the things around us smarter because objects are being equipped with microchips and sensors. As a result, IoT based devices will improve enterprise mobility management through monitoring and optimizing products, services and business processes.

    The main goal for the enterprise is to collect the data and with this, they can empower their employees to connect, collaborate and respond quickly to any emerging activities.

    Customized IoT solutions will make entrepreneurs capable of handling CRM, data processing and other complex processes. In the years to come, enterprise will rely on big data and analytics to optimize the process and to make more informed decision.

  • Expansion of Location Based Services:

    Location based mobile apps suggesting nearby cafes, restaurants, clinics, malls or any utility service at your current location has seen huge customer adoption.

    With the massive success of on-demand mobile apps like Uber, AirBnB etc, the following years will see increase in number of business apps developed with the sole purpose of business. Mobile apps will provide further enhanced customer experience due to decreased load time.

  • Migration to Cloud Computing:

    Cloud-based technologies are gaining momentum as the top enterprise mobility solutions for number of reasons which includes server storage, network and network services on an Infrastructure as service model (IaaS) or application deployment platform on a Platform as a Service (PaaS) or software application on Software as a Service model (SaaS).

    As cloud services are getting matured, the hybrid cloud solutions are quickly becoming go-to storage solutions because of their ability to hold substantial amount of data.

    However, security remains the main challenge; but in coming future, enterprises will resolve security issue by opting for more hybrid solutions and coming up with on premises apps and other apps on the cloud.

    The easy availability of affordable enterprise mobility solution, reliable cloud service and game-changing possibilities of big data have boosted the entrepreneurs to opt for migration to cloud service.

What’s Next?

Enterprise Mobility has always been the core focus of IT investment in the last years and this trend (in a more enhanced way) is likely to continue in 2018.

However, with the new trends, it is always crucial to address the security challenges that come up with the new innovation. Opting for enterprise mobility solution always helps to overcome the challenges!

Building a right mobile app requires right design, technology, expert resources and much more. TOPS Infosolutions has it all to make the perfect enterprise mobility solution to boost employee performance and gather and store data in an organized way.

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