Alexa Skills for Enterprises

Alexa helps you to customize voice skills and to manage Amazon Echo devices. Using Alexa Skill Kit (ASK) and conference APIs, you can enable it to configure your organization’s skills. There are plenty of Alexa skills that lack reviews as the users don’t seem to return to them. Thus you must understand Alexa the skill’s intent that you wish to develop.

We have brought together a few factors based on the collaborative experience we had with our clients while developing Alexa skills for their Business. It is a generic compilation as it is pertinent to remember that each Business and every use case varies.

Essential factors to consider before developing Alexa Skill

The intent of your action is crucial. It must be purposeful, regularly usable, and stand out.
Daily usage – check whether the Alexa skill can be put to use daily by the users. It can be a simple reminder to get started on a workout routine, medication time, or drink water. It can also be news feed updates or any knowledge enriching updations for them. To make it exciting and engaging, the intent could also be as simple as an excellent addition to a game.

  • Timing Is Essential – develop skills that don’t take up much of the users’ time. Else, the users may lose attention and interest. Interaction must be prompt, and response time is essential for any Alexa skill development based on bidirectional execution of instructions.
  • Provide Useful and Educational content– The majority of people follow content that gives a better feeling that the time was spent right. So, delivering useful or personalized content is the key. It can also be a catching up session of the information that they might have missed for the day.

Top Alexa skills for your Business

Set a reminder - google
Amazon Alexa helps you accomplish tasks at a workplace by acting as a digital assistant. Using our voice to communicate with technology helps employees stay organized and focus on top priority things.

  • To-do List and Appointment Scheduling -Making a to-do list and scheduling meetings and events are time-consuming tasks. It is essential, too, but employees face time deficit to perform other vital tasks. So, developing Alexa skills to make a to-do list and schedule meetings without any physical action saves a lot of time and effort. You can set notifications, and employees can instantly access and edit to-do items with a voice command. It can be done on the go with the Amazon Alexa app on iOS, Android, or on
  • Manage Conferences – Conference management skill development enables users to link Google calendar directly to know the conference schedule time. It can also dial the call for you over a voice command automatically. Just say, “Alexa, start my meeting,” and it will commence the meeting. Needless to spend time digging for all the necessary information needed for the conference.
  • E-mail Assistant – Sales and Marketing personnel, or anyone who is mostly on the go, would love to have an e-mail assistant Alexa skill. It helps manage their inbox, informs unread messages and new e-mails. Developing customized e-mail assistant skills can manage multiple e-mail providers. With your voice command, Alexa can read, reply, manage e-mails, and perform your entire mailing functions.
  • Smart devices Management – Controlling equipment with voice command is the trend nowadays. No more toggling with several apps to handle each one of your smart gadgets. Developing an Alexa skill for managing home and office equipment lets you supervise and track them with voice commands. It could be your desktop, thermostats, lights, AC, etc.
  • Expense Management – Analyze and control your finances with Alexa Skills for your Business. Utilize expense management skills from Alexa to pay bills, schedule payments, track finances, and control expenditure.
  • Work Time Tracker – Keep track of your work time spent per-project basis with Alexa skill. Set customized tracker skills by telling her to begin and end time when you have completed your task. Although being a simple skill, it can support you to get things done swiftly and enhance productivity. Additionally, you can find out where hours had gone waste and can tweak your work.

Where is Alexa skills development heading to in the future?

Alexa Echo devices are advancing their usage from time to time. With the present COVID-19 crisis pressing on personal hygiene, hands-free digital personal assistants are the lifesavers. They respond to your questions, implement security functions, operate in-house appliances, and assist with your daily chores.

Alexa is missioned to be the best guiding companion for the visually challenged. It eases activities for senior members in your family who have arthritis, dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson, or any sort of visually impaired disorder. They don’t even have to get up, see or feel it. Additionally, Alexa Echo can be used by elders to kids.

Final thoughts

No matter the size of Business, developing Alexa skills accordingly can help streamline your business operations and boost productivity. So it is best to keep all the points mentioned above in mind before any Alexa Skill development.

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