Nowadays, learning the fundamentals of the programming languages or frameworks for the developers can be chosen in less time. It can be achieved by a simple brainstorming session with the team and analyzing the technologies available in the market; the budget allocated, and time duration. But, what it lacks is the precise requirement of the client’s need.

Also, the usual approach is by bustling through tutorials and demo codes. The developer may be able to pull off implementing the layers as per the requirement for that specific project. But there’s a huge difference when it comes to mastering the language.

If you are looking for a full-fledged web application, it is best to go for MEAN stack development. A MEAN stack developer is a type of full-stack JavaScript developer who is responsible for complete software development activities. It includes designing, development, integration, and testing. Not only being familiar with the technologies, but he would also be versatile in

  • MongoDB

    A cross-platform non-relational database for storing JSON files.

  • Express

    A backend, Node.js framework for building web applications and REST API

  • Angular

    Open-source front-end framework for creating the display portion of any Single Page Application (SPA)

  • Node.js

    A backend environment running modules as Express with an asynchronous model

Certain Skills that you need to look out if you want to hire MEAN stack developers are:

  • JavaScript languages
  • Back end Languages
  • Databases/Web Storage
  • Web Architecture
  • Source control
  • Text editors and Database management
  • IDE’s Integrated Development Environment
  • Networking and testing
  • Cross-Platform Software
  • Encryption and Cryptography
  • SDLC Software development life cycle
  • Data Maintenance and quality check
  • Project planning, profiling, and upgrading

The following activities are carried out by a full- stack developer:

  • Interpreting user requirements into an inclusive architecture
  • Client coordination to understand the exact requirement
  • Executing the system
  • Writing flawless backend code
  • Writing augmented front-end code
  • Working with various databases and storage
  • Understanding of programming modules and design architecture methodologies
  • Understanding, building and debugging the database requests
  • Creating test code
  • Monitoring web application performance
  • Testing infrastructure and troubleshooting the application

There are likenesses in architectural design and configurations through various stacks like MERN and LAMP. MEAN Stack Application Development sees a rising trend in practice. Many top companies and are reaching out for MEAN stack development either exclusively or partially. Some of them are Facebook, Airbnb, Yahoo, Whatsapp, and PayPal. MEAN stack helps their business to advance in performance.

Why should you hire MEAN stack developers from us?

We, Tops Infosolutions, are a specialized MEAN stack development company, among other development services. We have a gene pool of dedicated MEAN stack developers. They have experience in e-commerce, music collaboration, fashion and apparel industry, the local NEWS sector, social networking, arbitrage, and many more. They are out-of-the-box thinkers and can furnish the best solutions possible for your business.

Clients have the option of hiring our MEAN stack developers for their web or mobile development requirements. Our process is simple and convenient.

  • Pay-as-you-go model
  • Round the clock support
  • Quick turn-around
  • Complete control over your project
  • Needless to worry about setup
  • Choice to select
  • Shorter starting cycle

To hire them for collaborating with your projects, for more information and a free quote, dial: +1 408-400-3737


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