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Node.js crossed 10 years last year with a mindblowing 1 million-plus packages available in npm. Downloads are happening at a striking 40% increase every year. Node has joined the openJS foundation, which aims to collaborate with the Javascript community very soon. There are many best node.js frameworks that are downloaded the most. The widely used packages belonging to the node.js family, in no particular order, are as follows.

Node.js Use cases

Express – Expressjs is very much suitable for developing small business models that require high scalability. Whereas choosing a different framework may be suggested for developing more significant projects. If your server poses any performance issues, then Express is the go-to option. Despite being the oldest framework, it has an active community and finds its application in many big companies.

Koa2 – The latest node.js framework developed by the Express.js team based on the MC framework. It is lightweight, better error handling, and proper customization support. Koa2 has removed the issue of creating a sperate code to stream and close a file. It can directly pass a file without the need to stream it.

Hapi – a server framework that can best assist you with building applications and services. Hapi enables developers to write concise application logic. Its main plus points are it is preferred for its robustness, handling high load projects which require it to be scaled. It is most commonly used to build JSON APIs. Hapi posses the below benefits,

  • Code Readability — easy source code readability and understanding
  • Coverage and Style— use strict convergent rules and hence offers 100% code coverage. Optimized coding style optimized to reduce bugs
  • Open Issues— comparatively less open issues or pull requests because of active plugins. – is a robust open-source full-stack framework for building dynamic websites. It is a full set for building web end-to-end web applications of any size and complexity level. It is the combination of MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js. Since it is a full package, it is handy. It has excellent community support as it is well-known.

Loopback – is one of the most robust and best Node.js frameworks. It has a default API explorer, which helps to set up a connection with most of the back-end resources. LoopBack is the outcome of the Express.js team, and it also provides support for several databases like MongoDB, Oracle, and SQL.

Due to its powerful features, isomorphic model, and angular SDK resource, big companies and organizations that have preferred Loopback are Symantec, Godaddy, Department of energy – USA, shoppinpal, Cosmunity, and many more.

Some of the most significant aspects are :

  • Isomorphic data model definition and design latest end-to-end RESTful APIs that further help developers while setting predefined roles at the user, role, and application levels
  • Node Package Manager (NPM) helps the users to create dynamic APIs in their application quickly
  • The performance of dynamic server applications are improved by dynamic APIs
    availability of 3rd party login, multiple additional components for file management, and storage providers
  • Runs on-premises or in the cloud
  • With this framework, you can use Android, iOS, and Angular SDKs to design new client applications
  • Creates REST APIs using the CLI tool, API explorer, and prototypes based on a respective schema
  • It can quickly connect devices and browsers to data and services
  • Secure and simple-to-use authorization and authentication setup

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