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1887 – You had 4-5 mates of school and neighbor

1997 – You had 15-20 friends connected through mobile phones

2017 – You have 2017 friends, followers and fans

The connectivity among people has increased due to the presence of social media; you have all your pals connected via social media platform!! Research says that, number of people active on social media are approximately 2.46 billion and every year more than 1 million active social media users are added ; Isn’t that something very huge?

From teenager to the adult, businesses to non-profit organization; all agree that social media is one of the most important mechanism that enables us to connect with the world. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp are some of the social media apps which have been dominating the app charts since long and to develop such apps it is necessary to comprehend user experience and significant features. To be precise, sharing, commenting, finding memories, topics of interest etc. is what fascinate the users on social media.

Hence, for the development of successful social media app, there are several thumb rules and aspects to take into consideration:-

  • Sign up and integrate with existing social media

To start with, you must provide an easy and convenient way to access your service. Integrating with existing social media accounts can speed up the process and makes the sign up process a smooth ride. It is very tedious for any user to fill the forms as they may have done already. So, to provide better user experience, it is necessary to provide several ways to export data like first name, last name etc. Generally, most of the user uses Facebook, Instagram, Twitter on the go and integrating the feature like ‘sign up with Facebook, Instagram etc.’ will enable them to sign up with the account in seconds. This is hassle-free way to import data and contacts and the best process to increase the number of your social media app users as users always look for user-friendly navigation with advanced functionality.

  • Select the best platforms

To develop social media app, you should choose the platform in order to accelerate the process of software development. With such intense competition in the market, it is necessary that your app is supported on all platforms especially iOS and Android. You must select the platform that provides built-in support for developing the best 2D and 3D graphics which helps to bring more user engagement. Choosing the best platform and testing on different device is important as it would increase the global reach, enhance the credibility of your brand in IT services market and make your app picture-perfect. Both iOS and Android platform have authenticated level of security and so it makes sure that your app doesn’t get crash and delivers the best app performance.

  • Self Expression

Once the user has logged in to your social media app, the most important thing they look for is their presence, as they want to feel unique, show the world how creative, extraordinary and out-of-the-box they are.  So, every social media app should provide customization of profile, backgrounds, interests, preferences, location, number of followers/friends and recent activity. This would help the users to enhance the credibility and improve identity. Moreover, mobile app developer can also provide customized fonts and attractive write-ups to make the app interesting. You must develop the app which has plethora of options for profile personalization. Most of the successful social network app provides the following:-

-Tools that make user-generated content look unique

-Simplify the process of sharing content

-Target specific audiences

For instance, Instagram has awesome filters that make the app attractive. Flickr is a big photo sharing app which is targeted only for the aspiring photographers.

  • Build network – Invite and connect

Any social media app makes sense only if they have friends and interesting people to look for. So, your app must have an algorithm that maps friends and people with common interests and enables to connect/ follow in a single click. To connect with each other, user typically needs to approve this action and to follow something is a one way process. Some apps even offer you to connect with the people from the other connected network. Additionally, connection can also be in the form of groups, event, social network etc. Groups are the community through which user is indirectly connected to various people with shared preferences and interests.

  • News feed

This is exactly what users’ looks for when they open the social media applications at the first place and continue to use it. In order to stir up your social media app, you need to feed the user-generated post that includes stories, status, pictures, videos etc. Features like comment, like, favorite etc. helps to communicate with other users and provide them a platform to express their opinion. Not having such curated content is like driving the car without fuel.  It all depends on how you want to show the content – you can display the feed in chronological order or use algorithms to generate the feed from most important to least important. Some apps also use machine learning algorithms to display the feeds as per user’s preferences.  For instance: Facebook, Instagram are arranging their feed from important to least important. But it is the best to offer the arrangement of news feed that suits the specifications of the social networking app.

  • Search + Messaging + Notification

Your social media app must be designed in a way that it can search the user by hashtags, names, last name, location etc as this helps the user to make newer connections in an easy way. You can also provide suggestion to make new connections as per the information in their profile. Most of the social media app has chats, group conversation feature, calling as well as conference calling feature which makes the conversation more personal. You can also use third party services to develop real-time chat application in your app. Push Notification is something that delivers your message instantly. Outline your algorithm that makes the subscription to the push notification much easier. Push Notification creates more user engagement than email list and are also less disturbing and highly cheaper than traditional SMS. Search, messaging, notification are the powerful tools of social networking that make your app stand tall amongst competitors.


Today, in the IT services market, developing the social media app is the most happening thing but it needs expertise and experience from the technical perspective to make it successful. If you are looking to develop a robust, reliable and result-driven social networking app, a professional mobile app development company is what you need. Being one of the top social media app development company, we have the experts that can season your app – in and out.

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